Intercontinental Singapore Ambassador Suite

(This is a Continuation of “Trip Report – A Private Jet Experience: Alone in First Class on ANA and Thai, Plus Singapore First, a Suite, a Villa, and Some Incredible Food Porn”)

After departing the JetQuay terminal, our driver took us to the hotel. He took a moment to call them and let the property know we were on the way. I sort of expected that would mean they would know who we were as we walked into the property, but that wasn’t the case.

On arrival I walked into the hotel lobby. The entrance is to a small area with a bell desk and check-in desks, a rather unimpressive area.

Off to the right you’ll find the full lobby of the hotel which is far nicer.

It was after 2am and I was looking forward to sleep, the checkin process seemed to take too long, but everything proceeded smoothly. I had booked a Shophouse Suite with club access under the friends and family rate, and as a Royal Ambassador was upgraded to an Ambassador suite. They actually asked me for the friends and family rate voucher, something no hotel and actually done so far when I’ve checked it, and something that’s always seemed silly since you actually print the voucher yourself and there’s no authorization required.

A seated check-in might have been nicer, but the club lounge was closed at our arrival hour. No escort to our room, we were sent on our way.

And entered the room’s foyer area

To the right as you enter is a guest half bathroom

Directly in front of you is the living room, it’s one large room with a dining area on the right.

In the living room was the ambassador amenity, which was replenished a couple of times during the stay.

Here’s the view from the living room

Around the corner from the dining area is the office

If you turn left from the foyer you enter a dressing area. There was surprisingly little drawer space.

To the right is the bedroom.

Turndown service was only offered the first night, we were there in the room and so we declined. They never returned on subsequent nights, so I can’t say what the service entailed.

Straight ahead through the dressing area is the master bathroom, with separate tub and shower. Bath amenities were Elemis.

We ordered room service a couple of times, late at night and early morning, delivery was quick and food was generally high quality.

The club lounge was busy, especially early during the week and towards the end of breakfast. I did visit each morning for breakfast, was too busy out and about and never made it to an afternoon tea or evening cocktails.

The lounge acoustics weren’t great, the place seemed noisy. And it was all hustle and bustle, even the staff rarely stopped to let you pass, if they were moving around they were on a mission not to be interrupted.

Upon entering the lounge in the morning, I’d be asked for my room number some times and not others. I’d be escorted to a table, offered coffee, and that was great but getting any one’s attention subsequently for more coffee was a challenge. All-in-all, I was disappointed in the club area.

In fact, our last day in Singapore, the day we headed to Phuket, my wife got food poisoning. Based on the timing of when she got sick, and determining the only thing that we had eaten differently from each other, the most likely culprit was was an undercooked omelet in the lounge.

The hotel’s pool area was nice enough and deserted during our stay. There’s a bar there but it was unattended. As a business hotel, mid-day pool time wasn’t busy, and it was overcast throughout much of our visit. We only went up there once, perhaps for 90 minutes. We’d have plenty of pool time coming in Phuket, after all.

Here’s the entrance of the hotel during daytime.

Getting a taxi there during peak times could entail waits of 10-15 minutes or more, with a lineup of guests and anyone headed to the airport allowed to cut in line. During rush hour it’s advisable to order a cab rather than just trying to catch one.

Rather than a cab, we had a car back to the airport at the end of our stay.

All in all I was happy with the hotel (and only assume that the food poisoning came from the omelet in the lounge). I’d stay here again. It wasn’t an exceptional hotel by any means. It was a great value, getting the Ambassador suite while booking the friends and family rate. It was clean and everyone was friendly and helpful. But it was overall fairly non-descript, the hotel itself didn’t really provide much in the way of memories for service, design, or anything else.

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  1. […] Nonetheless, it was overall a great stay. I was thrilled with the value, a lovely suite and a nice club, free internet of course as an elite benefit. Hyatt Diamonds have a good value proposition here for sure. Bottom-line: My wife has decided that’s where we stay in Singapore – and last year we were in the Ambassador Suite at the Intercontinental. […]


  1. Very strange. No mirrors or pictures behind the bed. I don’t ever recall seeing a blank wall behind a bed.

  2. Thanks for all of the great details and photos. Gives a very solid impression of the hotel, although I am left with the impression that you were underwhelmed, which is disappointing. I heard that they were going to undergo some renovations. How was the neighborhood? How was Singapore?

  3. I always request that eggs are throroughly cooked. If served from a buffet, I avoid eating eggs if they are undercooked.

  4. Are you sure the food poisoning didn’t come from the room service food—like the chicken wings or the vegetables on the side? When I look at that photo, I wouldn’t eat it.

    Cook it
    Boil it
    Peel it


    Forget it.

    Great reports, still reading them…..can’t believe this hotel gave you neither turn-down service nor escorted you to your room. Did they provide a “jet-lag” amenity kit? I love those at the Hong Kong ICs.

    It has been egg whites only for me.


  5. I love IC SIN, we were there 2 years ago, check in around 1:00 a.m. was surprise they let us check in early and was upgraded to a suite too :).

    I love the location and connecting to malls and have a great street food vendors just a cross the street, (tried the laksa).

    We took a bus to KL not far from the hotel.. it was a cheap and wonderful vacation for us.

  6. The first food pic is nasi lemak, isn’t it? I looove nasi lemak. I wish it were native to Indonesia (especially Bali). I’ve found it only in Singapore & Malaysia.

  7. Hello,

    I am an expat in Singapore and UA 1K. As I write this I am literally looking at the Holland America Amsterdam cruise ship through my apartment window as I live next to the cruise centre. If your parents or other readers need any local help or advice I’d be glad to assist. –Jim

  8. It was really nice to offer pictures of the suite.

    hmm.. from the looks of it, it look kindda common for a 5 star hotel you think so ?

    I mean.. I have stayed in Intercon Shanghai, in a deluxe room, and the outlook certainly looks classier than the suite here =/

    All in all, thank you for sharing =)

  9. Gary,

    If you were to do the SIN bit again, would you decide to forego the IC RA benefits and the IC, in favor of a standard but new room at say, the Fullerton Marina Bay?

    PS – it is hilarious but I am going to SIN to “preview” the place for my in-laws who I got tickets for….lolol…same as you! At least that is my excuse… 😉

    Also, I heard that the IC is undergoing room renovations beginning in July, but I am going in June….

  10. @Zak

    Fullerton bay hotel is beautiful.. and its very new =)

    IC is actually undergoing renovation now for some of its rooms, its an ongoing thing. As of now, the shop house suite are under renovation.

    @Gary: sorry to have hijacked this post..

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