Introducing the Donald Trump Visa Signature Rewards Card

pfdigest ponders political party co-brand credit cards.

Political credit cards: Both political parties have millions of members who are thoughtlessly loyal, and “thoughtlessly loyal” is the type of phrase that makes marketers salivate. A savvy bank would offer both a Democratic Card and a Republican Card with an anemic 1% reward–and then post the sign-up numbers for each side-by-side to spur competition for more sign-ups. For cardholders, every single transaction would be a chance to broadcast your odious political views! This would be a gold mine.

It goes without saying that Donald Trump should offer his own credit card as well. The card would be made out of brass and marble, and it would be the best card ever and make all other cards look terrible.

Of course there’s no reason you couldn’t make your own. I’m not sure that the personalized card image offerings from Capital One or from Wells Fargo will allow all conceivable political imagery. Although some folks have certainly made their own pretty cool cards.

The problem with most card products is – imagery aside – they just aren’t very good. A 1% rebate card where you can spend the points on branded swag?

So instead, why not just take your favorite rewards card where points transfer to airline miles and that offers strong category bonuses for your spending and turn it into a mic-dropping statement out of legends of cool?

So why not make a Donald Trump Visa Signature Card that earns double points on travel and dining. Just start with a good rewards product, have it re-cut as a metal card, and put Donald Trump’s face on it?

That would be YUGE. Most rewards cards are weak and they’re ineffective. Nobody builds cards like Donald Trump, believe me.

  • He knows all the smartest people.
  • It will have the best benefits
  • He’ll get the banks to pay for it.

And he’ll make loyalty programs great again.

Of course, if his Northeast Shuttle airline had survived he probably would have had a co-brand credit card!

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  1. Could you have written a more useless post??? I used to be a regular daily visitor of your blog and considering the ever degrading quality of your posts, i reduced my frequency to once every other week. Now even that seems a waste of time. Your blogs just dont have any substance and you don’t seem to care about it…

  2. If there were a Democratic rewards card, it would take 1% away from you every time you used it.

    2% if you had above-average income.

  3. A great send-up of worthless cards that try to convince you they are essential. Kind of like politicians…..

  4. Don’t laugh at Trump too much. There are many stupid Americans that will vote for him. There is no IQ test for voters.

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