Is the Lufthansa 50,000 Mile Credit Card Offer Expiring This Month?

Noob Traveler says that the 50,000 point offer for the Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard® may be going away on June 30th. He says he received an email from Lufthansa to that effect.

Barclaycard has upped their signup bonus on the Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard to 50,000 points — 20,000 after first purchase and 30,000 more after meeting minimum spend within 90 days.

The card comes with a $79 annual fee, and the points are surprisingly useful (though I recommend that even if you do get the card and collect Miles & More points, that you’re 25% better off earning them via the Starwood American Express than through this card).

Miles & More is a great way to get domestic premium cabin awards on United (35,000 miles roundtrip compared to 50,000 miles in the United MIleage Plus program) and also to get first class awards on Lufthansa and Swiss, given the greater availability afforded to Miles & More members than to the members of their Star Alliance partners.

It’s especially nice that the card is issued by Barclaycard as there’s only but so many Chase cards (and even American Express or Citi cards) that I can get approved for. The only Barclaycard product I currently carry is the US Airways one — and that card may disappear with the American Airlines merger.

The other good card of course is the Barclaycard Arrival PlusTM World Elite MasterCard® which has a signup bonus worth $440 if redeemed for travel (and ongoing 2.2% rebate towards travel spend).

In any case, the 50,000 mile Lufthansa credit card offer is historically unusual, and certainly something that Lufthansa’s Miles & More members in Europe would be jealous of. Since it’s apparently being viewed as a limited-time offer, if you’re considering it then it could be worth grabbing by the end of the month.

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  1. Completely off topic, but I know you’ve been there — is it more commonly pronounced “Mawl-DIVES” or “Mawl-DEEVZ?”

  2. I’m with you Grant. I tried for the Arrival in mid April, about two months after getting approved for my first Barclays card (USAirways) and was rejected due to too many recent apps. So don’t think I’ll be able to get the Lufthansa card before the signup offer goes down. 🙁 I may give recon a call to see if they think I’d be approved (if they have access to the report the pulled in April.

  3. Hey Gary, I got the Barclay’s USAir card on March 27 (along with four other credit cards). Do you think I will get instantly rejected if I apply for another Barclays card so soon? Do you know how long you usually have to wait between Barclay’s applications? I’ve heard they can be stingy, but I don’t have much experience with Barclays.

  4. Grant, you’re very unlikely to get further than second Base with Barclay. They are not as promiscuous as Citi or Chase.

  5. @Crish, very unlikely. Wait at least 6 months until ur second card with Barclay. It’s hard to get more than two. So pick your cards very wisely. Personally I have 2 USairways which will be aadvantage points next year. I prefer that over Lufthansa points.

  6. 50k miles as a gift is great..but then what? Since my wife and I use our miles only to score BC or FC tickets to Europe and elsewhere, we would need at least 100k per round trip ticket. That means I need to put 50k more spend on this card for one ticket and 150K more for two. It’s not the amount that is a problem for me ( I’m a big spender); rather, that accumulating those points on this card would be at the expense of putting them on my Chase Sapphire which allows transfer to multiple airlines. Am I missing something ?

  7. My wife and I currently have Us Air cards. Had them for about 11 months. Go for LH card or another US Air?

  8. Rick, yes you are missing that LH actually has pretty good availability. But maybe I shouldn’t be saying that since it means less seats for those of us in M&M.

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