ISIS Opens 262 Room Luxury Hotel. Really.

ISIS has re-opened the Ninawa International Hotel in Mosul.

Isis has purportedly opened its own luxury hotel in Iraq’s second city Mosul for members of the extremist group to stay in while visiting.

The property is well-regarded on TripAdvisor.

ISIS has invested in refresh and renovation.

Cleaning staff are washing windows, as well as painting, decorating and gardening. The black flag of the Islamic State was raised in the forecourt of the hotel and coloured balloons were released in celebration.

The 262-room hotel is thought to be the first accommodation of its type in the self-proclaimed caliphate and will also cater for weddings.

In ISIS style, the building’s elaborate exterior decorations have all been taken down, the ballrooms boarded up and the bars now alcohol-free.

Photos from Twitter:

No word on what it takes to get upgraded to a view of the Tigris river.

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  1. i hope it gets bombed, and demolished by non IL side, and straight away

  2. This hotel actually used to be a Sheraton in the 80s then Saddam nationalized and now ISIS took over lol I wonder how many SPG points they’ll charge!
    Source: I’m from Iraq and lived there till I was 19.

  3. Reports are that Club Carlson is proudly picking this up soon as a Category 7, flagship property.

  4. This hotel property has been re-flagged/re-branded after a hostile takeover. New hotel management is recruiting hotel workers, and the employment requirement is that recruits must believe what Pamela Geller, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Salman Rushdie, Bill Maher and Sam Harrie believe.

  5. And “guests” must believe what the recruits believe. They may have a Hotel California experience: “you can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave”.

  6. If you already have platinum status with Al Qaeda you can request a status match to ISIS Diamond…

  7. According to unnamed US officials, ISIL has eliminated Al-Qaeda status matching and done so with extreme prejudice. Former military and intelligence functionaries in Saddam Hussein’s government, however, continue to benefit from preferred elite status, priority employment opportunities, and qualify for PreCheck benefits for their travels to, from and within the “Homeland”.

  8. If they are true capitalists, pork will be available and the bar will be well stocked.

  9. further proof these cowards don’t give a damn about religion. It’s all just about money.

  10. They’re feeding off pork from Uncle Sam (actually Uncle GW Bush) and want to live high on the hog.

    The bar is loaded with ammo meant to put under people paying a pretty penny or to kiss up to the elite guests. Whining Diamond members will be eliminated from the loyalty program, as the terms and conditions allow for it to be done at the discretion of the hotel operator and may take place with or without prior notice.

  11. If it’s really where their commanders are staying then take it out when its full. I think even the most pacifist of us want Isis blown off the face of the earth whenever they stick their heads out. They have taken terrorism to such a unspeakable new level that it can’t even be watched by civilized people, manifold worse than the cinematic destruction of the Twin Towers. Animals like that need to be hunted down with all of civilization’s resources and vaporized with no evidence their ilk ever existed.

  12. This hotel in ISIL-held territory was never a Starwood Sheraton. Not even an unauthorized Sheraton by name.

    Is this the hotel on property owned by an Iraqi Christian family that was in cahoots with Saddam Hussein’s regime? If so, this may be yet another example of how the Saddam Hussein legacy players live on — long after the capture and execution of Saddam Hussein — and return to the scene of their previous criminal undertakings.

  13. Let’s hope when civilization recaptures Mosul all the IS creatures are eliminated or arrested.

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