It Took Two Years, But This Man Actually Ate An Airplane

Michel Lotito had a thick stomach lining and a desire and ability to eat things that lacked nutrition. He was able to eat sharp metal without injuring his stomach or intestines. He also had powerful digestive juices that allowed him to process things others could not. Lotito began performing feats of eating at age 16.

While he usually appeared eating things like glass, rubber and metal he would also cut up everyday items like television sets and bicycles and proceed to eat them.

The strangest feat of eating he ever engaged in was a Cessna 150 aircraft. Although to be sure he did not eat it in one sitting, disassembling it and ingesting it over a period of two years (1978-1980):

Lotito said he wouldn’t feel ill after eating more than two pounds of metal per day, as long as he drank plenty of fluids and as long as the metal was broken into small pieces. However he died shortly after his 57th birthday, reportedly of natural causes, on June 25, 2007. He held the Guinness Book of Records award for ‘strangest diet’.

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  1. Learned to fly in a 150. It’s small and technically obsolete. but it had a soul and was a joy to handle. What a waste. Of course I wouldn’t want to see what “waste” Michel produced either. Yuck.

  2. The Cessna 150 (Cessna 63069) was my first trainer. In 1986 my flying club bought half and the flight school bought half. You could put a lot of new avionics in one if you wanted; however the closest thing to an autopilot in a C-150 was a trim wheel. It was 100% hands-on flying. I’ll need more proof to believe anybody ate one.

  3. Really, this blog is becoming more and more like the National Enquirer, lol. Not complaining, just saying.

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