It’s Been 5 Years Since Hyatt Announced a Devaluation, and Point Value Has Remained Remarkably Steady Since

It’s been five years since Hyatt last devalued, introducing a new category 7 and raising the price of many awards. The best hotels became more expensive, suite redemptions became more expensive, but overall the weighted average of free night award prices went up just 4%.

Since that time there have been remarkably few changes to the earn and burn side of the Hyatt program. Even the total revamp and introduction of ‘World of Hyatt’ nearly two years ago was a change only to the elite program.

New Award Chart Effective 1/7/14

A year later 15% of hotels changed category with more hotels going down in price than up. A year and a half later 16% of hotels changed category with increases balanced by decreases and overall the most expensive hotels got less expensive. Residence Club redemption prices went up too.

For 2018 Hyatt announced only 9 hotels would change category and then they added two hotels going up in category to the list.

In other words the value of Hyatt points has been remarkably stable over the last 5 years, much more so than Marriott, IHG, or Hilton.

Now today Hyatt shares that one hotel has gone up in price. There was no advance notice, no opportunity to book at old pricing. But is it terrible to say it’s a property I’d never want to book anyway?

Code Hotel Previous Category New


PIEZD Hyatt Place St. Petersburg Downtown 1 3

It’s one hotel, in the scheme of things it doesn’t matter, but it’s a reminder that there’s been little shifting in hotel category assignments and a long time since the value of Hyatt points took a blow. It would be nice for Hyatt to trumpet this fact, but they’re too cautious and only offer “World of Hyatt routinely evaluates its award chart in light of current market conditions. I’m unable to confirm timing for future changes, but we will notify you once we have further updates.”

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  1. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t mess with Hyatt. It’s by far one of the best redemption options for Chase points.

  2. “In other words the value of Hyatt points has been remarkably stable over the last 5 years, much more so than Marriott, Hyatt, or Hilton.”

    I agree. Hyatt is remarkably more stable than Hyatt.

  3. @geoff — Yeah, it’s hard for me to understand why any traveller (at least those paying their own way) would care about the Hyatt program, EXCEPT as a means to transfer points from Chase. History suggests that those good redemptions will eventually end but, in the meantime, it’s a great opportunity to get decent hotel rooms at an attractive redemption level.

  4. With a Hyatt devaluation I will have to strongly consider moving all my non-bonused spend away from Chase and Hyatt cards and to flat 2% card. Rules change and we adapt according.

  5. I agree with @PJ

    The day Hyatt no longer becomes a valuable currency is the day I move my spending to a 2% Fidelity card. I fear that day is coming sooner rather than later.

  6. Some good points being made by other commenters.
    I’m not leaving Chase, but now that Korean transfers are gone, there seems to be a noticeable value gap between transfers to Hyatt and other partners… If Hyatt were to devalue, it would be a meaningful hit to chase whereas Amex and Citi seem to have a few partners with about the same value.

  7. Gary,

    Why would you even mention this? Do you not think that Chase and Hyatt have people who read your blog?

  8. A few weeks back, bloggers speculated Chase might reduce the transfer ratio to Hyatt, so I immediately transferred 20% of my Chase points. My action guarantees they will immediately devalue them. before I can book…

  9. @JJ — What — you’re not generating zillions of Chase points to take your whole family to the Maldives?

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