I’ve Been Seeing More Poorly-Maintained Delta Air Lines Interiors On Twitter Recently [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • TIL: the person who takes your car at valet parking is not an authorized driver under your rental car contract

  • Been seeing a lot more poorly-maintained Delta interiors on social media recently.

  • As Messy transitions from American Airlines regional flying over to United next month, here are their initial routes:

  • So I might be trolling one of this site’s commenters by posting this here.

  • “Thanks, Bob”

  • This chart recognizes that frequent flyer miles will devalue – they’re a poor investment – but suggests they’ll outperform owning buildings in the long run. Wut?

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  1. Tom Dune to tell us that UA’s and AA’s interiors are WAY worse than DL’s in 3, 2, 1…

    (Or will he tell us that the brilliant strategy of reduced maintenance has driven DL’s superior profitability?)

  2. The frequency of social media posts about anything doesn’t translate into any meaningful basis of comparison

  3. @Tim Dunn – that on its own is not a strong argument. Your better argument would be that ‘this is because Delta now offers free wifi’ so their cabins were often in disrepair before but people didn’t post it as often, nothing actually new in the cabin.

  4. Flew on a very new A330-900 last week that had a broken lavatory door that kept swinging open inflight. Crumbs all around my Delta One cabin seat. Rude flight attendants. Let’s not be fooled by the mystique of Delta. It’s long gone.

  5. I’m with Mr. Dunn, ALL planes are filthy so I’ll clean my area a bit for free wifi anyday. DL all the way.

  6. That poor guy trying to get off the Luggage Carousel do you think he knows he has a problem when he can not pick him self up?

    If it was not for velcro shoes and gattor slippers many people would never be able to put stuff on their own feet.

  7. Tim Dunn believes that Delta can never be anything but perfect. I’m surprised his defense of the airline was so tepid.

  8. no, Gary,
    it just means that you have built your entire blog about anecdotes and then tried to make sweeping statements out of anecdotes. In fact, even on subjects for which there are quantifiable metrics, you refuse to provide them, instead thriving on hearsay and anecdotes.

    I have flown on aircraft from every major carrier that are pristine and well-maintained and I have flown on aircraft with broken items and which were dirty.
    You and not a single other person has anywhere enough data to make any generalized statements one way or another about the cabin condition of any airline on any more than an anecdotal basis.

    I am neither defending Delta or any airline or castigating them.

    I am simply saying that finding a few posts on the internet means nothing, esp. when there are 4 US airlines alone which have more than 750 aircraft in their fleet which means tens of thousands of seats and thousands of lavs etc.

    Feel free to come up w/ some quantifiable metric to prove your point or accept the charge that you are solely interested in clickbait than a meaningful comparison of anything.

  9. @Tim Dunn – if you claim I don’t offer data for things you’re the one overgeneralizing, not me.

    Here I never claim there’s data on the condition of Delta interiors (guess what that’s not stuff Delta is required to report to DOT!). I am clear in the post that this is anecdotal, the frequency of social media reports of this has increased. That his all I said. That seems suggestive, something to watch out for.

    It is not at all surprising (to anyone) that you got defensive about that. 😉

  10. I’m not being defensive, Gary. I am being logical.

    This is your headline and you have a similar bullet point
    “I’ve Been Seeing More Poorly-Maintained Delta Air Lines Interiors On Twitter Recently”

    Seriously, do you honestly think that what you see in social media is indicative of anything about any company that serves over 100 million customers per year – and that is true for FOUR US airlines.

    you have been on all kinds of kicks for years including trying to portray Southwest or Spirit planes as fight clubs – all because of a couple of anecdotes.

    You do alot of things well… perspective and context aren’t on the list.

  11. What I’m wondering is what people are supposed to do regarding valet parking. Park on the street yourself and hope for the best? The entire premise of a varlet is so you don’t have to worry about your car.

  12. Gary,…I enjoy many of your postings/ subjects. It’s amazing how some people just can’t read and enjoy the content for what it is without getting their panties all tied up in a knot!

  13. @Tim Dunn – What I wrote is literally factual. I did not claim more than I claimed. You are debating a strawman. And ending with an insult, clearly that’s the best you’ve got here…

  14. no, Gary,
    the straw people are all yours.

    One more time, this is your article title
    I’ve Been Seeing More Poorly-Maintained Delta Air Lines Interiors On Twitter Recently [Roundup]

    Let us know HOW MANY comments you have seen over what period of time and, more importantly, how what YOU see has ANY connection w/ reality
    And the principle STILL remains that you somehow think that what happens on social media is IN ANY WAY reflective of the real world.
    This isn’t about Delta and it isn’t even about broken seats.
    It is about LOGICALLY constructing arguments.

    And YOU interjected Free Wifi as if THAT has anything to do with anything here.
    THAT would be a strawman.

    Sometimes you step in. This would be a good time to admit that today was the day and move on

  15. You have to admire the sheer gall of a guy that denigrates the owner of a blog, demands that the owner admit he’s wrong (when the guy doesn’t even seem to understand the English language), and insults him but… also comes back to the same blog ~20x per day to read EVERYTHING he writes and then desperately hopes for a response from the same owner to validate his existence.

  16. unlike you, I present logical arguments.

    Gary is more than welcome to cut me off but he is big enough to accept praise and criticism.

    And I have repeatedly dished out plenty of commendation to Gary.

    You, OTOH, stick your nose in all kinds of conversations where you contribute absolutely nothing – just as is the case here.

  17. Time for you to go to bed, Tim.
    Your delusion and lack of logical thought is always amusing. I do enjoy that your own admitted guardrails for rational and civil discourse is whether a blog owner has banned you from their site… But, it tracks given your history of being banned.
    Sleep tight

  18. for someone that is worried about me checking Gary’s site, you were hitting refresh so that you could post a response FIVE MINUTES after I posted.

    You are obsessed w/ what I do.

    You are a sick puppy and you contribute absolutely nothing to the discussion here or anywhere else on the internet

    Get help.

    Gary is a big boy. He can take care of himself.

    and specific to THIS TOPIC, when was the last time you actually were on a Delta aircraft?

    American, United, Southwest?

    I have been on ALL of them and 3 other airlines since the first of the year.

    Unlike you, I actually travel on multiple airlines – and I THINK LOGICALLY.

    We know you are hitting the refresh button – but YOU are the one that needs to go to bed – only to wake up in time to call a shrink in the morning.

  19. Somebody got triggered. 😉

    Sleep tight. Your weird insults are always so amusing and deranged.

  20. This Tim Dunn guy has an unhealthy attraction to Delta. I say that as a Diamond Medallion. It’s just an airline, bro.

  21. More and more cost cutting at DL is showing up. This is not news, but finally getting out. Why both AA and UA will start to show they aren’t 2nd class and moving up the food chain.

  22. sunviking and Larry,
    same question for you.
    How many dirty and broken seats is Delta or any other airline flying now vs. any point in the past?
    Or is it possible that there really is no correlation between what one sees on social media and reality?
    that principle is true or not whether the subject is Delta and seats or anything else.
    Help us understand how you both came to your conclusions.

  23. While DL is, and has always been my carrier of choice as it has been for the companies I’ve worked for over the past few decades.

    However, I’m not blind to the fact that they too, have issues. Just seems to be less of them then their competitors.

    From my POV, they’re far more consistent in their service and product offerings than their competitors.

    @Tim Dunn – if you’re looking for well-balanced, unbiased, and comprehensive reporting, this is NOT the place you’ll get it. There are other publications out there to supplement the shortsightedness of this one. When will you learn!

  24. @MC I am curious which publications you’re repping that give Tim his full Delta PR spin he needs?

    Even Delta Corp Comm doesn’t go as far as his nonsensical views on Delta and their product.

    Which ones do you think have no independent view about Delta? Tim would still be maligning the comments section of news.delta.com if they allowed it… disagreeing about their apologies on operational meltdowns, or telling Ed Bastian he should never apologize for stranding thousands of passengers, much less telling them how great putting a plastic door on the ancient business class coffin seat and calling it a suite… but what are you going to do?! who possibly can have such an unobjectively positive view of Delta as Tim Dunn?

    I think Jerry Seinfeld had a great quote for someone that aligns with Tim’s views: ” Now I know what I’ve been looking for all these years. Myself. I’ve been waiting for me to come along. And now I’ve swept myself off my feet!” Unfortunately, Tim does have his own articles… but he spends all his time on other blogs with credible authors desperately seeking… credibility (in the comments section).

  25. @Max/Gary

    This isn’t about Tim Dunn’s rhetoric, which does him or his cause no justice. Nor is it about Delta, who like every other carrier, is plagued with issues.

    It’s about well rounded reporting. The author is very myopic in what he covers for various carriers. Either he’s lazy and reports what is fed to him or has a vested interest that results in selective reporting (I use that word loosely).

    Don’t ask me to point out other publications when it’s clear by you asking that you do not read the wide range of publications out there that cover industry news.

    Half the articles relating to industry events/news published in Business Insider, WSJ, The Points Guy, Condé Nast, etc never find their way to this blog. Never.

  26. @MC is pointing to The Points Guy as their standard of journalism, ok. “Half the articles relating to industry events/news … never find their way to this blog.” Sure, I write 5-7 things per day every day, on my own. The Points Guy has 120 employees. I write the things that interest me. You call that ‘myopic’ but this has always been ‘the things that catch my attention as interesting to me’.

    Sure you call me lazy (I do this site on my own, I have a full time job and other projects too, I’m married with a child and take time away to spend with her!) or takes what is fed to me, uhh, yeah just ask brands how they feel about my critical coverage ok.

    I think you miss the point about what this site is and who I am.

  27. @MC
    And for the record… there’s a reason the Points Guy got rid of their comments section. People started commenting on how their titles started changing after initial publication. Some corp comm departments didn’t appreciate negative titles on a review and let TPG know about it. I recall because I wrote a comment once when TPG gave a very negative title to a trip review but then changed it about 3 hours later. i believe TPG removed comments from their site roughly a week after this, if memory serves. I believe that change was in late 2019 but I could be wrong. That’s my memory.

    As far as I know, Gary hasn’t changed a review or title of a review after a company contacted him.

    Care about who you get your information from and care about those that try their best to keep an independent view. I don’t agree with Gary on many things, but I also don’t write diatribes when I disagree with him because… he’s right. Airlines and their policies suck sometimes. All of them.

    TPG got rid of their comments section for folks to comment on their reviews because they wanted to get more corporate sponsorship/review over reviews. Which was a pretty obvious change after they were bought out by a corporate conglomerate instead of being a somewhat-independent aviation blog. Their original owner is a nice guy (I know him) but is hardly quiet about how much money he made by selling his site/objectivity for a big payout.

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