J Lo’s Son Was Selling Chocolate Bars on a Delta Flight Yesterday

Tedgrrrr reports that he was on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to New York yesterday where Jennifer Lopez’s 9 year old son, Maximilian David Muñiz, was selling chocolate bars in business class.

[P]oor looking kid walks around Delta One selling chocolate bars. The chocolate is in a box with a school’s name which I am hard pressed to remember but I had googled it and the school had “branches” in NY and California. I was mystified at this kid fundraising during the flight… or that the flight crew allowed it.

One of the FAs later confided that he was Jennifer Lopez’s kid which was the only reason they let him do it – as far as I know he only did it in Delta One, and he didn’t interrupt anyone – just looked at you with puppy dog eyes to sell one dollar chocolate bars.

Jennifer Lopez with her son’s father, ex-husband Marc Anthony. Copyright: buzzfuss / 123RF Stock Photo

I’m less surprised that flight attendants ‘allowed it’. Unless passengers complain you simply have one passenger chatting up other passengers. And it’s a 9 year old who is likely to be given more latitude than an old, even apart from his famous mother.

A plane is in some ways the perfect place to sell something to passengers who are a captive audience. In this case it’s presumably raising money for charity through his school, and airlines raise money for charity inflight all the time. Many airlines have participated in UNICEF’s Change for Good program collecting leftover foreign currency from passengers.

It’s not being approached by a 9 year old, it’s whether or not being approached is done in an obtrusive manner in my opinion. What do you think?

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  1. Maybe the airlines should start an adopt a panhandler program and let them walk the aisle before takeoff. It would be much harder to not give when I can’t just put my window up or better yet have them walk the aisle after the plane pushes back so I can’t pretend I’m talking on my cell phone.

  2. The mother is super rich. Just buy all of the bars from the kid and then give them to the fellow passengers as a treat, it is the Halloween month after all. I would never allow my child to do something like this on a plane. For god sake mom stand in front of a supermarket with your kid and give autographs to anyone buying a candy bar…..or not.

  3. I think they should have allowed him to say a few words on the speaker and sell to all. If his mom bought all the bars what does that teach him??? I wouldn’t bother me at all, I think any child should be able to sell….we don’t allow in most schools for the children to go door to door anymore…..this is a brilliant way!!!!

  4. I would ask the FA for miles to conpensate me for the annoyance. No parent sjould be encouraging their children to sell crap for corporations that keep a fat part of the profit.

  5. Understand why they want the kid to have the experience. Absolutely totally inappropriate on an airplane – just like it would be in a movie theater or any private property, paid admission space. And I love kids, but if I had paid the 200k or whatever ridiculous number of SkyPesos for a Delta One to LA or JFK, I’d be pretty annoyed. Shame on J-Lo.

  6. What’s next? Someone’s cute grandchild selling Amway and Herbalife?

    I suppose we have now confirmed just how low “J Lo” will go.

    She is an idiot.

  7. I’d be more okay with this if air travel wasn’t a situation where we’re already being milked by the airlines for every possible dollar. On American Airlines it seems like the credit card sales pitch (loudly on the PA system) gets longer every time they deliver it.

  8. Fantastic!
    I fundraise for numerous charities, am related to a famous person and fly Delta One.
    Get ready.

  9. Wow! Lots of grumpy fliers! I think it’s cute. Lots of kids have to sell candy for school. I applaud his parents for not buying it all. It teaches their son to work. No one had to buy. I don’t understand the cynicism.

  10. To be fair, where else is J Lo’s kid going to interact with the public to learn how to sell candy bars? Airplane is probably the extent of it.

    If a passenger was smart, they should have offered to buy them all with a $100 bill if the kid could go back to his mom to get change– more than likely they would have just been handed their $100 bill back along with the free chocolate since I doubt J Lo has even seen a $20 bill (or smaller) for years!

    Then go back to coach and offer the bars for $5 each by loudly announcing it’s for J Lo’s kid so the sheep flying back there can claim a celebrity encounter.

  11. The fundamental problem is . . . why is there a need for children to sell anything for schools? My school tax is over 50% of my real estate property tax in Austin, Taxes. I have NO children in the school system but support the tax levy. Allowing children to sell for-profit company’s candy on an airplane is just plane wrong! If it’s values that the parent(s) are attempting to teach, how about accompanying your child, or your child accompanying you, on local charity or public service (age appropriate) work.

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