Jackson Hole Airport Decides To Close For Two Months

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is going to close its airport from April 2022 through June 2022 for runway reconstruction. No commercial or private air traffic will be permitted.

While Jackson Hole isn’t heavily populated, it’s home to a number of resorts for people looking to enjoy the incredibly scenery – places like Amangani, Teton Mountain Lodge and the Four Seasons. June is the start of peak season, though May is actually a lovely time to visit most years. The airport closure will affect this, as the next-closest commercial air options are:

  • Idaho Falls more than an hour and a half away (served by Delta from Salt Lake City, United from Denver, and Allegiant).

  • Salt Lake City around a five hour drive away.

The airport also has plans to remodel the passenger screening area and add seating and kitchen facilities to the restaurant area.

According to the Jackson Hole Airport Board President,

We have been anticipating a runway project for a number of years and it is due for a full reconstruction.

The runway is a critical part of the transportation infrastructure and it is important that it be maintained to the highest standards. While the runway is being reconstructed, it has created a potential opportunity to complete two important terminal projects while the runway is closed.

Jackson Hole is the only commercial airport inside a National Park. The terminal is limited by the National Park Service to a height of 18 feet. The original terminal was a pioneer log cabin, but that was rebuilt and the current terminal inaugurated in 2014. There are no jet bridges, just nine hard stands. Security screening is private.

Delta, American and United all serve the airport, along with Frontier. Southwest served Jackson Hole briefly in the mid-1980s.

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  1. Jackson Hole happens to be a very cute airport. It was the first time we walked up to the United plane using a mobile stairway. This was in 1976. It was pretty cool for a 23 year old dhammer53.

  2. Quaint! Real America. Not our shithole big cities, but here’s to hoping Biden ends the tyranny of BLM. Yes I’m a Biden supporter who hates BLM. Among the few reasonable things Trump has said? BLM is a symbol of hate.

  3. Hmmm sounds like I should plan a road trip for May next year (I’m in CO). Could be emptier than normal?

  4. Bozeman MT is about the same distance from Yellowstone as Jackson WY. That’s a nice airport too, and lodging is much cheaper on the north side of the park.

  5. Alaska will start serving JAC this winter. Yeah, that drive west of JH to Idaho Falls is a doozy!

  6. It’s great drive during clear weather, ( when it’s warmer than 45/50 degrees ). It can be pretty hairy tho, when the temps get well below freezing and the wind starts blowing, especially if any precipitation is involved. However, a LOT of people have to commute, every day in winter, as housing is unaffordable for working stiffs in the Wilson and Jackson area. Most folks employed in the service economy make only a little over minimum wage, plus tips, so they have to live some place like Victor or Driggs, etc. and drive to work every day. I AM puzzled at one thing though? Jason, why do you hate the BLM? The Bureau of Land Management, along with the US Forest Service and National Park Service are the only entities standing between the natural treasures and resources of America’s citizens, and the rape and destruction of those natural wonders.

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