Kicked Out Of MGM Grand After The Housekeeper Found Drugs In The Room

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  1. @ Gary — I really don’t understand why anyone would wait in line to get into the Admiral’s Club at CLT…grab a rocking chair and some free wifi and hang in the terminal.

  2. Yes it is Vegas and I am pretty sure a number of guests have illegal substances. Kinda fishy, I am guessing they were bothering other guests and MGM wanted them out.

  3. Instead of diverting how about this. Do nothing. End the chin diaper lunacy. Wear the muzzle if you want. Who cares. End this nonsense

  4. Isn’t the pension fund in question the Virgin Islands Government Employees Pension Fund, not a Puerto Rico Fund?

  5. As you yourself would say Gary, if they won’t mask, what else won’t they do? What if 2 hrs later they assault the FA? Or get into a fight with another pax? Or rush the cockpit? I agree it may be overkill to divert (they should certainly be arrested and billed) but I wouldn’t take that chance.

  6. Flight attendants can decide to ignore arbitrary and abusive federal rules the public doesn’t support or consent to. The public should hold flight attendants accountable for their actions.

  7. @SexyKitten

    Passengers will be better off if people like you don’t fly. You probably jack off to masks.

  8. @Jackass Waterson: it appears you fascists are quite comfortable insulting women that speak their mind. ( yes, I am assuming @sexykitten is a female ). Such a tough keyboard boy. You would make Ted Cruz proud with that badass attitude. I am betting you are still picked on now at work as the mail clerk. Of course you can’t jackoff to a mask, yours undoubtably doesn’t work.

  9. While I don’t like the fact the housekeepers reported drugs, dumb skanks should’ve hid their drugs better.

  10. MGM was mad the “guest” didn’t buy from an MGM “Resorts” outlet. Soon they’ll kick you out if your beverages were not purchased on property.

  11. Was just reading how Las Vegas pool clubs can deny patrons from bringing in even legal drugs purchased from a store OTC or at times even prescription drugs in original packaging. So it is not really surprising that some hotels give the boot to patrons with suspected drugs.

  12. @Ray only fascist I see are people like you who support this anti science mask rule. Look in the mirror, you’re in the minority always have been.

  13. It’s not just AA lounges with a long line. The DL Sky Club in LGA had a line all the way to the food court the evening of 4/6/22. From what I saw, they only allowed people in when someone left the lounge.

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