When Kids Scream on a Plane, the Best Approach is Not to Slam Someone’s Head on an Overhead Bin

So you know things have gone too far when a pilot threatens an emergency landing over your behavior. Of course, it’s always the other person’s fault, right?

A brawl involving three women erupted on a Chinese flight from to Chongqing to Hong Kong yesterday when two of them complained to a mum that her baby was making too much noise.
The women, all believed to be Chinese, were warned that the pilot would be forced to turn back and make an emergency landing if they didn’t stop fighting.

Naturally, “[T]he two women reclined their seats fully backwards, which aggravated things further. A scuffle ensued, with one of the women hitting on her head on the overhead locker..”

There’s a video.

When there are screaming kids on a plane, don’t do this. A year ago I asked readers how to handle such situations, and there was lots of great advice (and some not great advice, too). Here’s the Coasian approach.

(HT: Alan H.)

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  1. I saw this photo floating around the internet and thought it was from the crazy turbulence flights this week. Nope just a normal Chinese flight…

  2. Tommy or whoever posted this article. How about a top 10 from the comments in the previous article? Or how about this one: change the laws so the screaming kids can be muzzled with duct tape. Both legs and arms tied to the chair in the back of the plane?

  3. Sounds like a flight I was on this past summer from Guilin to Shanghai…two Chinese women got in a fight about a seat being reclined. The fight erupted 4 times: on the plane, on the bus going to the terminal, in front of the terminal and in baggage claim. It looked like a WWF fight including a woman yanking another woman’s hair and dragging her to the floor so she more easily beat her. The Shangai security guards did nothing to break it up. They just stood there laughing and looking like they were trading bets on the winner. Unbelievable!

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