Kim Kardashian Is Redeeming Miles to Bring People to Her Wedding.. And the Guests Are Angry

Apparently Kim Kardashian’s entourage would prefer to be earning miles rather than flying on free tickets. Or something like that.

Kim Kardashian is cutting corners wherever she can to save a penny and will be bringing her entourage to their wedding using her frequent flyer miles!

…Kim is so cheap that she is using her frequent flyer miles to fly her entourage to and from the wedding,” the source told Radar.

“She is not paying for any of their transportation and is she is putting them up in a crappy hotel. They are not getting any money from her for their services, nor are they getting any special treatment.”

Her entourage has to fly coach. They aren’t getting transport to and from the airport covered. And there’s real sour grapes brewing over it, or so says Radar Online.

Here’s the lessons embedded:

  1. Being a part of an entourage is a high-end vocation with expectations of being treated well.
  2. Miles should be used for premium cabin travel.
  3. Hollywood stars should be looking to an award booking service to get the most use out of their miles.

Indeed, I’ve found some of the most enthusiastic mileage redeemers are Hollywood folks. Many of their friends fly private or in first class. They may not be quite the same caliber of star, but see miles as their way to do just as well as the A-listers. Go Kim!

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  1. I also get upset when I can’t maximize my freeloading off of other people!

  2. Her entourage does NOT have to fly coach and stay in a dodgy hotel. They could stay home, and I for one have a firm policy of not attending destination weddings. However, I do wonder how much Radar Online paid the leaker for this story because for some reason I don’t think entourage members endanger their access to some celeb’s open bar unless they get paid for their tips.

  3. Gary, are there any potential clients you avoided? My dad was in sales and there were times when, after the first meeting, he would suggest the person may be happier working with someone else. He knew there was a major PITA lurking and it just wasn’t worth the aggravation.

  4. Hmm guess she earns her miles from credit card spend as she seems to fly private jet. If I’ve been invited to a wedding I have always expected to cover my own costs as should her freeloading friends.

  5. Too bad celebrities don’t read your blog. Or maybe Kristen Bell can hook you up with Hollywood?

  6. @vicky Well sure, guests are usually expected to pay their own way to a destination wedding, which is why it’s so discourteous to have one unless you are very sure that all of your family and friends are dead wealthy. In Kardashian’s case, the wedding is not about a marriage ceremony or getting together with true family and friends. It’s television. If she’s getting paid $21 million for rights to film her wedding, she has a moral if not legal obligation to pay the extras and to make sure they travel in style. Sticking them in coach when she’s getting an eight figure payday is tacky, tacky, tacky. The entourage members are not friends, family, or equals — they are extras and in my opinion they should be treated with the respect we treat any worker who has to travel.

  7. They can choose to not attend, or pay for an upgrade, and pay for any hotel room they want.
    What’s the big deal?

  8. Right, the excerpt from the article implies they are doing some form of work for Kim, but are not getting enough compensation for their efforts. So they do have a right to ask for more than what they are receiving.

    What makes this situation so confusing is the weird grey area that many so-called employees find themselves in Hollywood. Not really formal employees, but not really friends either. This is common and leads to all sorts of odd situations. Things like inviting a ton of people to your wedding (which is really a lucrative entertainment event), but not paying them much if anything because its a wedding! Why does the entourage usually put up with this, with some grumbling? The exposure to others in the business may lead to better situations down the road. Its an age old problem in the entertainment industry really.

  9. I know they fly commercial (at least American) because I was pushed aside for them and their bodyguard in the First Class security line at MIA. She and Kanye went through the Pre-Check line and the bodyguard went through the First Class check in–he didn’t even have to take off his fanny pack (!). How many miles is it from MIA-LAX? You do that enough, you can earn enough miles to fly your people to Europe, right?

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