Frontier Airlines Is Matching Status – And Now Re-Matching Status

On December 1 I covered an incredibly generous status match offer from Frontier Airlines. For $49 they’ll match against 15 different airlines and 15 different hotel programs. And they’ll even match up to top tier which basically waives all fees at this fee-based airline and makes tickets cancellable without penalty. This offer runs through December 31.

Two things have changed since the offer launched.

  1. They’ll no longer match hotel elite status to their 100,000 mile top tier

  2. They no longer say that those who matched last year will not be able to extend their status.

It was insanely generous (and intentional) to give top tier status to top hotel elites. They’ve dialed that back, though.

What’s also interesting is that they ran this status match promotion in 2020 and originally said those who did not requalify for status were out of luck. They’re not status matching again through this promotion, however the offer FAQ has been updated:

I previously took advantage of the Frontier status match promotion in 2020, can I do it again?
No – however, select customers may be contacted with targetted with an offer.

In fact there even appears to be a site up where you can request a re-match! It’s specifically “For elite members who took part in the 2020 Frontier Status Match.” Since it says it’s targeted I’ll be interested to see data points those of who that take advantage of it can share about the offer you receive.

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  1. In my experience with Frontier, their domestic product is as good as American Airlines. Point A to B with better seats.

  2. I matched my SW Companion Pass to Frontier 100k last year and have taken a half-dozen flights. Frontier is a much better airline when you get all the perks and none of the fees!

    Thanks to this post, I learned about the rematch website. I was offered $149 for another year of 100k status and gladly took it (that’s about the same as one roundtrip worth of regular fees for our family). Thanks, Gary!

  3. It gives me “The Frontier membership number you entered is eligible for a new status match. Please apply below.” I had matched in 2020 (not really used for flying yet) with AA . Not sure if the above message meant they will take it as new or in next step deny. As $49 is not refundable, debating on next steps..

  4. $149 to rematch. That’s more money than most Frontier round trip fares…

    I requalified at 20k with them, which is the sweet spot for their status anyways. It gets you everything you need (free carry on) because there’s always Stretch seats available at check in and I never check a bag. 50k and 100k really are useless, and I hope Frontier doesn’t realize this any time soon and adjust the 20k benefits accordingly,

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