Last Day to Buy US Airways Miles at 1.1 Cents Apiece With 100% Share Miles Bonus

Today is the last day to ‘share’ US Airways Dividend Miles with 100% bonus.

That means effectively buying miles at ~ 1.1 cents apiece.

Limited time offer: Give up to a 100% bonus when you Share Miles! 
Share miles from April 7th until April 13th 2014 and your friend or family member will get up to 100% MORE in bonus miles – up to ​50,000 miles.

The bonus is actually tiered, you need to share at least 30,000 miles to get that bonus. Lower amounts receive a lesser bonus according to the following schedule:

You transfer 50,000 points from account A to account B at a cost of $567.50. Account B receives 100,000 miles.

If you have a spouse or significant other, transfer 50,000 points to them and they receive 100,000 miles; then they transfer 50,000 points from their account to yours and you receive 100,000 miles. You each have 50,000 more miles than before at a cost of ~ 1.1 cents per mile gained.

US Airways sells miles cheaper than American does quite regularly, and these miles will eventually become AAdvantage miles.

They ran this offer for a week in December and for the first half of October. They’ve also run it many times before that.

I took advantage of 100% bonus on shared miles. When the offer first appeared I said I would do so

because no matter what devaluations I may fear I’m confident I’ll get back a minimum of 1.1 cents in value per mile, though likely much more

And indeed we did see several devaluations this week.

Even so, and as frustrating as those were, I will continue to value the points above 1.1 cents and still see this as a valuable play.

Here’s my guide to using US Airways miles to book awards. While partner airlines have changed the rules and process are pretty much the same.

Terms and conditions:

Offer available for share transactions made between April 7th 00:00:01 PT and April 13th 2014, 23:59:59 PT. All transactions are non-refundable. Bonus miles will be awarded upon completion of the transaction. The maximum number Share Bonus miles that can be received by one member for this offer is 50,000 bonus miles. All miles shared beyond this limit will not be eligible for a bonus. ​The recipient of the share transaction will also receive the bonus miles. ​All transaction inquiries must be submitted to US Airways Dividend Miles within 90 days from end of promotion. Offer is subject to change. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Buy and Gift transactions are not eligible for bonus. Only share transactions made online are eligible for the bonus. Please note that Dividend Miles accounts less than 12 days old are not permitted to Buy, Share or Gift miles. For Gift and Share transactions, the recipient account must also be 12 days old. All US Airways Dividend Miles terms and conditions apply.

Miles are shared for $0.01 per mile plus a processing fee of $30 and a tax recovery charge of 7.5%. GST/HST will be charged to Canadian residents. Miles purchased through Buy, Share or Gift Miles do not count towards Dividend Miles Preferred status. All other Dividend Miles Terms and Conditions apply. Miles may be used based on award availability at the time of booking. Please note that Dividend Miles accounts less than 12 days old are not permitted to Buy, Share or Gift miles. All purchases are non-refundable.

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  1. why not just give money to charity?
    this is no longer a deal unless you can redeem them all today.

  2. In light of the just announced devaluation (with more to come), I’d think twice about buying (worthless) miles. Of course, YMMV.

    I wonder how many people bought miles the day before the change? I’d be pi$$ed.

    And yet today, Gary and dealswelike are ‘reminding us’ of this opportunity??
    Like I said, YMMV.

  3. @Dan I don’t like the changes either, but the miles are still worth more than 1.1 cents apiece. So it does remain an opportunity. 120,000 miles for Cathay Pacific roundtrip first class US – Hong Kong? Yes, please.

  4. @Gary,

    May be a good deal today, but if AA/US decides to change their partner redemptions (like UA), well, it could happen overnight. Any buy-in would be foolish (IMHO) at this point. YMMV.

  5. @dan – see, I can’t think of a world where the miles are going to be worth less than the price they’re selling them at. Even if they went with United’s premium cabin international partner chart, you won’t lose.

  6. AA offered me a 40% bonus to buy miles on APRIL 7! Think about that for a bit What a slimy g.d. operation.

    No, thanks, not a chance with these jagoffs.

    And Suzanne has not responded to my email of several days ago.

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