Last Day.. Ever?.. to Buy US Airways Miles at Under 1.9 Cents Apiece

A few weeks ago I wrote that US Airways will be increasing the cost of miles purchased through its bonuses, that come November American and US Airways will get aligned in how they sell miles.. which means they’ll be more expensive.

US Airways is running a 100% bonus on purchased miles, it was supposed to end September 30 but it was extended through October 12. That’s today.

For the past several years US Airways has been the industry leader in selling miles cheap. Offering a 100% bonus just meant, more or less, meant that it was a day of the week that ended in “day”.

With this offer they sell 20,000 or more miles at 1.88 cents apiece.

I’m not a buyer at this price, especially with a large account balance with both American and with US Airways (since those balances will get combined soon enough).

US Airways has been selling miles cheaper than American ever used to. American’s bonus offers have gotten a bit more aggressive. If you want to buy American miles cheaper than American sells them, and you can wait a bit for them to become American miles, this may be your (last) opportunity at this price.

Once upon a time under the old award chart and the old miles prices and old award chart (pre-2010) you could get business class to Europe for ~ $1100. Now it’s more like $1900. But that’s still pretty good. And this may truly be the end of an era.

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  1. Wish we had more information about when/how the US and AA programs will be combining. I have a large AA balance, but the US chart is far more favorable for a trip I’m planning. I’d love to be able to shift some of my AA miles to US – any guess as to whether that will become possible at some point?

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