Lastest Vegas Shock: Caesars ATM Fees Skyrocket to $11.99 [Roundup]

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  1. Anyone dumb enough to use an ATM in a casino deserves whatever charge applies. There are 2 places you ABSOLUTELY should never use an ATM and that is in a casino or a strip club. I go to LV a number of times a year (as well as over a dozen trips to other casino locations) and always take enough (usually $5000-$10,000) to cover my gambling. Also, have casino credit lines set up I can tap at not cost in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Finally, if you have a rental car or just take an Uber you can get to a bank that has an ATM at a reasonable fee (maybe no fee if your bank like Bank of America or Wells Fargo).

    Again, there are a lot of things to dislike about Las Vegas ($20 watered down cocktails, $25 overcooked burgers with fried $8 extra, higher limits, worse gaming rules, etc) but to draw the line at ATM fees is a little sad and crazy. Personally I get almost everything comped so don’t care about the costs. Heading back this Sunday to get in some action around the Super Bowl.

  2. Like everything else in Vegas, multiple normal price x .65.
    Vegas will get your money one way or another.

  3. When will Côte d’Ivoire be renamed? Ivory is no longer in favor except by poachers and the rich.

  4. @Dan +1

    Vegas has just gotten out of line: extortionate resort fees, poor to mediocre comps, very high and ever-increasing hotel rates, and just a “gotcha” mentality of nickel-and-diming really wears on you. Nowadays it’s tough to get free drinks while gambling at times, even at second tier casinos. Remember the cheap but fairly high quality buffet? Cherish that memory because there ain’t no such thing anymore. Value in Vegas is a thing of the past.

  5. Vegas is so trashy now. Fat people everywhere, rude and entitled tatted up girls and their baby daddies, and nothing really new to see. Not sure what the appeal is anymore.

  6. @Dave,

    Any gambler that thinks they are going to win doesn’t understand the math and variance. Yes I gamble a lot but also have background in math and statistics so know the odds. I do play a lot of poker (like World Series of Poker) and also sports bet. Those can actually be profitable because you can’t playing the house but other players (sports odds are based on total player action). I play other games but understand the house edge and also try to play perfect strategy to minimize it. The key is not chasing losses, setting stop losses when you are winning and understanding the value of status. I rarely pay for hotel rooms or food plus get taken on numerous free junkets where all cost are covered based on the action I give. If you enjoy travel and would otherwise spend money on hotels and expenses you can come out ahead. There hasn’t been a year, even if lose some gambling based on my year end win/loss statement, that I didn’t come out ahead based on total value I received.

    I realize I am the exception and most people don’t gamble enough to get all the benefits I do but there are ways to come out ahead. Also LV, while totally different from 10 years ago let alone 30 years ago, is still the best place for action. Now off Sunday for another visit (on Caesars) for the Super Bowl.

  7. I’ve had a Fidelity cash management account for years. No ATM fees anywhere on the globe. No minimum balance. No fees at all.

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