Lawmaker Banned From Flying Keeps Trying to Travel Using Fake Names

The Indian Member of Parliament who attacked an Air India employee when he was denied business class on a plane without business class has been banned from flying, so he’s been trying to fly using fake names. But getting caught each time.

Last week Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad showed up for a Pune-Delhi flight with an open business class ticket, but he decided to take one of the flights between the two cities that’s all-coach. The airline put him in the first row, but it was still economy.

He took the flight, but on arrival in Delhi wouldn’t get off while 115 passengers waited to board the aircraft for its next journey to Goa. He assaulted the airline’s duty manager — and declared in an interview on television that he was in the right and that he’s owed an apology.

Yes, I beat him with my sandal 25 times…I can try to make someone understand something 10 times but if they don’t, then I will beat them. It is the airline that is at mistake and they should apologise to me

Air India Boeing 787

The man was banned from flying all Indian airlines. But he keeps trying to fly anyway.

Earlier this week, a staff member of the Sena politician dialled Air India’s call centre to book flight AI 806 from Mumbai to Delhi for the following day, i.e. Wednesday, and dictated the passenger’s name as Ravindra Gaikwad. The ticket was promptly cancelled, an airline source said.

He’s tried putting a V in front of his name so treating his real first name as a middle name. That didn’t work. He’s also tried to indicate he’s someone else, flagging his title as ‘Professor’. That didn’t work either.

Reportedly his own travel agent may be undermining him: “The travel agent immediately contacted the local station manager and the information was forwarded to Air India’s headquarters here, the source said.”

Goodness knows Air India has its problems like pilots landing on a road, fighting each other, not showing up to fly (or refusing to fly unless their preferred female crew are assigned to the trip with them).

Of course the passengers sometimes aren’t much better. But government officials really shouldn’t attack their employees, and if anyone ought to abide by a no fly list it’s a Member of Parliament.

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  1. to RomeoT:

    so i guess there something wrong with not just air india, but all indian airlines!


  2. Lucky him, being in India.

    If this was Saudi Arabia, he could have enjoyed 100 ladhes in public then hands chopped off.

    I do sympathise with would-be innocent victims whose names happen to resemble this idiot’s.

  3. MRTPC Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act. If this is not collusion I don’t know what is.

    Yeah the MP was an ass . He was irked at being put on an all economy class flight when he is entitled to Business class(provided to Members of Parliament. Think of it as the Board Members of American Airlines getting free First Class travel on AA after all AI is owned by the govt and MPs are the board) .
    Just a petty way for an AI govt employee to have a laugh at the MPs expense. Not like the MP can ask for a refund as its free travel anyway . So he wanted an apology but when he didnt get one the right thing to do would have been file a complaint not to start hitting.

    However now the airlines are breaking the law. No fly lists for security come from the DGCA- Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Airlines can ban a citizen from their own flights but when they all collude they are exhibiting Monopoly power and thats exactly what the MRTPC Act is for.

    If the govt actually wanted they could shut this down quickly. However it seems Modi is irritated with this ally for embarrassing his govt so he is letting the airlines embaress the MP.
    He can afford it as his own party has a majority and he really doesnt need ally party MPs to pass bills.

  4. @Aktchi

    If this was Saudi Arabia he would never have been elected a Member of Parliament. In case you got confused Saudi Arabia is a medieval dictatorship with no civil rights for even non Wahabbi Muslims forget a Hindu and O BTW Saudi doesnt even have a parliament.

    And if someone from Saudia had put a member of the Saud family in Middle Class he would be facing a beheading as a suspected Al Qaeda terrorist.

    You chose a pretty bad example of a country to use in making Sarcastic comments.

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