Internal Document: American Airlines Planned To Sponsor JetBlue For The oneworld Alliance [Roundup]

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  1. Electric air taxis were never going to fly in 2026. Look at how long certification has taken for the 777x, which is basically an updated version of an existing aircraft. The idea that an entirely new type of aircraft, using a never-before-used propulsion system (for passenger aircraft) and flying entirely new types of routes would be quickly approved was nonsense from the beginning. It would be surprising if the certification process itself is even developed before 2026, and it will be many years after that before these things are flying passengers.

  2. There will be mishaps with flying taxis as there are with all modes of transportation. The ground is very unforgiving. I just don’t see this happening anytime soon. Perhaps decades.

  3. I’m not surprised in hearing JetBlue and AA were planning on them to attempt to join OneWorld. I do think that JB ran afoul of AA when it went off at tried to buy Spirit so desperately, then the pilot shortage/on time issues, and European expansion. Would have been a great feeder for JFK/BOSTON OW partners. That’s about it. I predict the Spirit merger will not happen and Alaska will purchase JB on the cheap before 2030.

  4. @BenjaminbG Guttery, Alaska wouldn’t dare attempt in buying Jetblue. Are you out of your mind right now? Also, Jetblue will now be allowed to complete their buyout of Spirit, now that Jetblue/American Airlines are being forced to end their Northeast Alliance partnership. It’s not a merger, it’s an acquisition.

  5. When did JetBlue possibly joining oneworld become a felony? Even without the NEA, there’s nothing preventing JetBlue from joining the alliance. Both the DOJ and the judge apparently signaled that a codeshare and slot lease arrangement between JetBlue and American would “fly” (pun intended).

  6. Can someone tell me why there’s no schedule for JetBlue for September/October. Trying to do our annual non stop Around trip from ANU to JFK. Schedule is empty!! Just for those two months!

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