Leaked Audio: Iran Knew Right Away A Missile Hit The Ukrainian 737

A month ago a Ukrainian Boeing 737 crashed in Iran. Iran admitted they shot down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 by mistake.

Air traffic control communications between Tehran airport tower and an Aseman Airlines flight show that Iran knew about the missile strike as it occurred.

The pilot of the Iranian domestic flight EP3768 from Shiraz to Tehran sees the missile and discusses it with air traffic control as the Ukraine International Airlines flight disappears.

Pilot EP3768: – Flares on route, as if from a missile. Should anything like this be happening there? …

Pilot EP3768: – That surely is the light from a missile.

Tower: – It’s not flying toward the city (Tehran), is it?

Pilot EP3768: – It might be… Oh, no it was flying from the direction of the city. …

Tower: – “Ukraine International Airlines” 752, do you read?! (message repeated several times from 02:27 to 04:25, unanswered)

Tower: – “Aseman” 3768, everything, you see nothing else up there?

Pilot EP3768: – Mr engineer, we saw an explosion, a big flare from the explosion, we don’t understand what it is.

Iran has confirmed the authenticity of the recording but is criticizing Ukraine for making it public. They’ve halted cooperation in the probe over the breach.

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  1. Sobering…

    Iran mad about Ukraine releasing the audio shows just how much Iran is out for the truth.

  2. Yeah, very funny and sad. I just don’t understand people who constantly try to cover up things that will eventually come out. The US did it with Pat Tillman and his death from friendly fire. There was no way that the truth wasn’t going to come out.

    The Iranians have bigger problems than a leaked audio.

  3. Even the Iranian military was covering up the missile firings from Iranian politicians, including hiding this from the Iranian President.

    Obviously, the Iranian military personnel involved in the missile battery operation and the military chain of command knew about what happened soon after it happened.

    I am not sure what any Ukrainian leaking party would hope to achieve by leaking Iranian recordings.

  4. You mean to tell me that Iran, the country that Obama covertly shipped billions in cash upfront in exchange for them promising to play nice, can’t be trusted? Shocking.

  5. WR2, were you born a moron or do you wilfully ignore that the $50B (not $150B) were assets owned by Iran, mostly in international banks, and overtly freed when international sanctions were lifted and that the US had little control over? Iran has enough problems than to need to make this stuff up…

  6. Hey Anameofaguy you moron, We never “owed” the Islamic Republic any money. This is a myth. In 2016, the United States was in the middle of an unresolved dispute in front of the Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal at The Hague over cash advanced by the Shah for military equipment we refused to deliver after the 1979 revolution. You might recall, this is when Iran began prosecuting its war against the United States, taking hostages, and killing service members.

    It is unlikely that U.S. would ultimately have been obligated to hand over a single deutschmark to the mullahs. For one thing, the U.S. had its own counterclaims over Iran’s many violations — which, in total, exceeded the amount supposedly “owed” to it. Obama, in his obsessive goal of placating Iran to procure a deal, unilaterally dismissed a stipulation held by the previous administration that the United States wouldn’t release funds until other court judgments held against Iran for its terrorist acts on American citizens were all resolved.
    Let’s remember, until the Wall Street Journal reported that the administration had secretly airlifted $400 million in ransom payments for four Americans detained in Tehran — seven months after the fact — we were never informed about the cash transfers. And Obama never offered any legal justification or accounting for the billions he transferred. Nor did Obama ever explain the fiscal calculation of tacking on an extra $1.3 billion in interest payments. The president, in fact, risibly claimed that the agreement had saved “billions of dollars.”

    Reporters like to point out that “$150 billion,” the amount Trump likes to claim Obama transferred to the Iranians, is almost surely the high-end estimate, or likely an exaggeration. But we don’t know for sure because institutional media didn’t mobilize its considerable resources to find out. If reporters had spent as much time talking about the ransom payments — or the 600 soldiers murdered by Iran — as they do fact checking Trump’s ransom assertions, the public would be a lot better informed.

  7. @Anameofaguy

    Ahh the standard Obama Iran deal apologist line. First, I just said billions. , Not sure who you think you are correcting. Second, they had no right to those assets after the Iran hostage crisis, as well as all of the murders and attacks on our people and military assets that they were responsible for, and many court cases seeking damages.

    If it was so on the up and up, why did it happen without congressional authorization, secretly, in the dead of night, and in Euros to avoid being outright criminal(though probably still so)? If Trump did that you libs would be looting and burning cities to the ground.

    Being an Iran apologist like you must be difficult…but in reality you’ll apologize for anything the Dems do, won’t you? Selective outrage is what makes a lib a lib.

  8. Selective, hypocritical outrage while pointing the finger of blame everywhere else but closest to home and the mirror in your own home is what makes a Trumptard a Trumptard.

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