Leaked Configuration Of New Airbus A321neo [Roundup]

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  1. Due to the massive length I didn’t finish the article on Saudi Arabia yet but it is unexpectedly fascinating. Thanks for mentioning it.

  2. Jetblue has 200 with no first class cabin. This shows just how much more space Jetblue has compared to the competition. Incredible. The entire plane is elite friendly compared to UA

  3. On the watching movies tweet Gary please remove your link. It’s obviously a non-consensual photo. The facts are obviously not right either as the stated flight (ewr to dfw) is nowhere close to 4 hours. I bet the author of the tweet has a micro pen is.

  4. That UA configuration sounds awfully tight… AA is only at 196 seats for their neos, with far fewer extra legroom seats

  5. Wrong leaked configuration. It’s going to be 194 ttl seats not 200. Jon is wrong and you Gary for posting unverified data!!

  6. Beer in Utah by law has lower alcohol content than anywhere else, so the lower price is understandable. It’s like cheap gas from ARCo vs expensive from Shell – even though you paid more for the latter you usually get better MPG.

  7. You get like 1MPG more from shell. It’s not worth the higher price at all. The benefit of higher end gas is a cleaner fuel system but that really doesn’t matter unless you are driving your car for hundreds of thousands of miles. And even if it did matter, Chevron sells Techron in a bottle that you can pour into the fuel tank yourself every once in a while.

  8. @Fauci
    AA621 EWR-DFW is blocked at 4 hours and 11 minutes, actually. I won’t argue on the photo being consensual or not, though there is not a rule against taking them on AA, but it is a very long flight. Source: AA dot com and the fact DFW is my home airport and I look up these flights often, and always dread the NE in economy.

  9. So are we to assume no service was provided at all on this flight from EWR-DFW?…if you want another beverage just ask and I’m sure you will get it.

  10. Your link to the tweet about the flight attendant watching the movie is a new low for you. Nothing more than one person’s assertion that seems highly exaggerated (FA watched a movie from takeoff until landing and no service was provided?). This isn’t thought leadership.

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