Leave It To Spirit Airlines To Generate Revenue Selling Masks

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  1. @ Josh — What did TPG do? Admittedly I don’t read TPG except when I research something on the web (I read every article on Gary’s blog — my favorite! 🙂 ), but I have often heard a lot of vitriol towards TPG and always wondered why?

  2. I was equally taken aback that Hertz had the nerve to present this as an “improvement in my experience”. Where every industry in the world is moving towards touch free customer service interactions…we’re going to make you stop and show someone your drivers license and yell the mileage and fuel level at them before you can drive off.

  3. @Gene- They are selling stupid masks- which look pretty low quality.. Some people never miss an opportunity to make a profit

  4. I have no problem with this. Masks do cost something. Why should my airfare subsidize someone else’s free mask?

  5. @ Josh — OK, thanks. That explains.

    @ Gary — Randy should have some BoardingArea masks made up and given out for free!

  6. Look Spirit is a cheap airline and everybody knows it so yes they are selling masks and if you don’t want to buy a mask bring one or fly a different airline you cheap bast**d

  7. I fly spirit alot from Atlanta to Tampa sometimes twice a month! If they have masks for sale? You do have to wear one to fly . So my beef isnt masks with spirit! Its baggage! They grab people waitin to get on plane with carry on 2″ to big? Charge you more to put bag under than ya paid for seat? I asked lady if it would be cheaper to buy my bag a seat?

  8. What’s the problem? Spirit is literally contributing all it’s profit from selling masks to American Red Cross.. and if there’s an issue with that then bring your own masks and the mask fee won’t apply to you. Simple

  9. They stopped donating on June 30. The profit is all theirs now. Typically Spirit. And TPG NEVER misses a chance to make a buck–and act like they are being do-gooders while doing so.

  10. Sorry folks, not Spirit’s fault. If you are STUPID enough to go to an airport without a mask you’re an idiot and deserve to pay for one. Stop blameshifting and take responsibility for yourself. Geezzz!!

  11. Fake news. Spirit’s website clearly says all proceeds from mask sales go to charity (red cross).

    *Should you need a face covering, Spirit will provide one for $3.

    Spirit will donate the proceeds of the purchase price of each face mask sold between May 11, 2020 and December 31, 2020. This purchase is not tax deductible.

    “By making a financial donation, Spirit is helping the American Red Cross continue to deliver its lifesaving mission nationwide due to this public health emergency.”


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