Leave Politics Aside – And Just Appreciate This As An AvGeek

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  1. Leave politics aside? Really? The liberal buffoon who never takes this advice himself. Stop being the hypocrite you are!

  2. RE: Instagram debit card scam. If you’re going to go through all that trouble, maybe you could just get a job at Wells Fargo Bank and open unauthorized credit cards and accounts for the performance bonuses.

  3. AV geek?
    Geek: noun
    an unfashionable or socially inept person.

    US a performer at a carnival or circus whose show consists of bizarre or grotesque acts.

    Someone please come up with a better name.

  4. @john
    Merriam-webster.com offers this among its definitions of geek:

    an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity

  5. @Joey. I have read that current color scheme was designed under the Kennedy Administration. Trump is planning to have the new Air Force One painted red, white, and blue. But, of course, you knew that.

    Not sure when the new plane will be available. It was originally schedule to be delivered in 2024, but the again I have read it might be delivered before then.

    I agree with Gary, the Air Force One NASCAR Flyover was cool. Also, it was well received by the NASCAR fans.

  6. @ wfb, I take it you embrace the term “avgeek.” Surely there is a better term without the derogatory connotations.

  7. Flyover would have been fine, except for the Trump campaign d-bag Brad Parscale who tweeted a photo from (yes) 16 years ago. Tried to make the crowd seem a lot bigger than it was (shades of the 2017 inauguration). MAGA! Lol clowns.

  8. It’s a beautiful plane to see fly, anywhere, anytime. Try not to think of the guy inside it sitting on the toilet tweeting out insults.

  9. I’ve seen Air Force One a few times on the ground (Obama liked to vacation where I vacationed). It was always interesting to see. Not sure why, but that video just looks like an airplane flying in the sky to me. I’d rather see the Blue Angels (which I think they had, too!).

  10. Of course you know Trump has to have his hand in everything, so he’s going to change the color scheme and cost the taxpayers more money, not counting an unnecessary new plane.

  11. fathiss, david, you do realize that reading View From the Wing is entirely voluntary don’t you? In fact it takes a deliberate effort on your part. If you have something to express please don’t disgrace yourselves with childish insults. If you find Gary so disagreeable then stop subjecting yourselves to View From the Wing.
    This is really a bipartisan scolding so remember that regardless of your political leanings please do not resort to insults. Enjoy reading about aviation and travel related news or read some other blog.

  12. NASCAR fans( aka petrol heads)/NRA members/survivalists/Trump zealots = peas in a pod. They’re going to have their socks knocked off very soon, and life will be better for everyone.

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