Let Each of Your Kids Give You 2500 Free British Airways Points

Through August 31, Iberia is giving 2500 points to each kid that gets a child account. Iberia points transfer to British Airways. You can set up British Airways household accounts and draw on your kids’ mileage balances for your own awards.

After all, you’re spending a whole lot of time and money caring for them, why not have them pay you back?

Sign each child up or an Iberia Kids Account by August 31. The child must be at least 2 years old. They way you do it is to fill out the .pdf registration form and mail, fax or e-mail it in along with a copy of the child’s ID or passport.

It may take a few months before points are available to them, but you’ll then be able to transfer your kids’ points over to their British Airways account.

And link their accounts with yours in a household account. The advantage of a household account is that points from each member can be pooled towards a single award ticket. Mailing addresses of the accounts have to match. The downside is that you can only claim awards for people who are members of the household account.

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  1. I looked on Iberia site for this but could not find out the maximum age for the Kids Account to qualify for the 2500 bonus miles. Do you know? Thanks much.

  2. @Pat, this doesn’t quite explain, but it seems you’re pretty safe through age 11:
    “At Iberia Plus Kids we want children to feel important. That’s why children aged two to 11 will get a card especially designed for them, identifying them as part of Iberia Plus Kids.From the age of 12 onwards, they will be sent a regular card but will still have all the advantages of the Iberia Plus Kids programme.”

  3. It may be worth mentioning that bmi gives 1000 miles for every new account, which transfer to BA.. right?

  4. For what it’s worth I spoke to an Iberia agent who told me (as noted above in the comments) it is 2-11 years old.

  5. So I don’t have an ID or passport for my 3 year old? Is a birth certificate sufficient? What do others do?

  6. Maximizer – interesting tip. So if I register both my kids I pick up 5K. If I register my wife, kids and me with BMI I can get 4K. This, eventually, can transer to Avios, so I can get a free round trip short hop flight (9K redemption) for filling out some forms?

    Thank you!

  7. @Scott, of course they do, I just did it. I happened to wait about 24 hours between signing up and transferring, but I doubt that made any difference.

  8. Oops, I got that wrong. What I couldn’t do was move the kids’ bonus miles to the head of the BMI household account. (The hope was to move them from there to BA.)

  9. I just tried to open BMI accounts for my kids and the website indicated they needed to be 18 years of age. I debated putting false info in, but seemed like too much trouble.

    Off to open the Iberia accounts. 9,000 Avios would have been nice (1Kx4 + 2.5Kx2), but 7K will do.

  10. I signed up my 4-year old after your post, and she got her welcome kit today. It included a blow up ball with a picture of a plane, luggage tags, and her membership card. Iberia spent almost 10 Euros shipping it from Spain.

    Can you give directions for how to transfer the Iberia points to BA?

  11. I’ve heard nothing back from the email I sent. @Seth, did you receive an email reply before you received the welcome package?

  12. I made the attempt today to transfer from my five year old Iberia account to his BA account. I was informed that I could NOT because he is under 18. Any body figure out some work arounds? I have come so far not to get anything

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