Life Hack: This Life-Sized Boarding Pass Will Never Get Lost

For years airlines have allowed you to print your own boarding pass at home. They don’t even usually tell you what kind of paper you’re allowed to use. We know you’ll cause some hysteria if you generate boarding passes for flights you don’t actually have a ticket for. But beyond that, are there limits to what you can get away with?

While it’s nothing like injecting your boarding pass into your hand with an NFC chip, a user on TikTok offers a ‘life hack’ on how you’ll never lose your United Airlines boarding pass: print it on five feet worth of paper. (HT: One Mile at a Time)

Although if you’re a denizen of TikTok, aren’t you using a mobile boarding pass so you won’t lose it anyway?


life hack on how to never lose your boarding pass 🙏🏻 ##WelcomeWeek ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##fypシ @andrewprotv

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There’s nothing actually new you can pull off at an airport that hasn’t been done before. It turns out this same gag was pulled many times before.

His friends printed out his boarding pass from r/gifs

In normal times this is a pretty good gag. Right now I’d say you’d want to go touchless instead, but this is probably just as Covid-friendly because you can hold onto your own boarding pass even while it’s being scanned since it’s so large.

But what about environmental concerns? I think this must be some kind of Woke Daily Double because you’re not just flying you’re wasting paper, too.

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  1. Come to think of it TSA sometimes uses ID scanners which match your name to a list of ticketed passengers, so in these cases TSA doesn’t even ask for your BP

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