Lifetime Fairmont Presidents Club Platinum Status for $2000 (and a free Presidential Suite Night too)

Via Whitedoor on Milepoint, there’s a Living Social daily deal that will give you lifetime Platinum status in the Fairmont Presidents Club program and a one-night stay in the Presidential Suite at the Fairmont San Francisco for $2000.

Platinum is the top tier in the program, it gets you suite upgrades and free nights plus bonus miles and early check-in and late check-out. Since it’s being offered on a permanent basis it could even be worthwhile just for the status, at least for those with plenty of years ahead and a likelihood of staying with Fairmont regularly in the future.

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  1. The wording on the offer does not convince me that FPC Platinum for life is really a benefit. I’ve seen too many mistakes on website offers to be 100% confident.

    I would like confirmation from FPC before jumping on the offer.

    If lifetime Platinum is truly a component with a $2,000 room, then I give this offer a BUY rating.

    I’d recommend this as a good value at the $2000 level since I consider there is $1,000 to $2,000 added-value per year for anyone spending four or more stays at Fairmont Hotels in a year.

  2. @Ric the offer reads “Both Packages Include Health Club and Group Exercise Classes, Wi-Fi, and Permanent Platinum Status to The Fairmont’s President’s Club Program” .. how could PERMANENT platinum status be anything less than lifetime? Or do you suspect this is somehow a typo that they won’t honor? Though even if that was the case we’d presumably know within a reasonable enough timeframe to dispute the credit card charge — even if they were somehow unwilling to reverse it based on their mistake.

  3. I’d really like to know if PERMANENT means lifetime, or if it means till the offer expires, 12/31/2011. If this is truly permanent, that is a great deal IMHO and if you get three others to buy, your’s is FREE.

  4. Details are needed if u can get them. What is the average night rate for Fairmont hotels? Are Platinum benefits available on award nights?

  5. Looking at the offer again I realize it does have this paragraph:

    “Nor should you worry about getting used to the star treatment: Your stay—whether in The Penthouse or Presidential Suite—includes an automatic upgrade to The Fairmont President’s Club Platinum Level membership, so you can enjoy presidential perks like room or suite upgrades and food-and-beverage certificates at The Fairmont for a lifetime.”

    My initial concern was this offer is through a third-party site and not Fairmont Hotels directly.

    I am traveling all day and I will not be able to research this offer, but the offer certainly looks compelling.

    Fairmont Hotels have plans for growth from industry news I have read and current locations include many fine hotels and resorts.

  6. @ Patricia
    Once you click through to buy you get the option of the Pres Suite for $2,000 or the Penthouse at $10,000

  7. Given, as a Canadian, I can get Fairmont Plat for 5 nights of stays a year by using my AMEX Plat, this is not much of a deal (as I can get most of this easily with normal stays). Given that, the status is mostly useful, in my opinion, for:

    * early check in and out
    * suite and room upgrades
    * f&b credit
    * free night a year
    * Platinum reservation line. They can usually book good rates such as Travel Zoo nights, and you can still often use your upgrade certificates on these rooms.

    The hotels themselves are hit and miss.

  8. Amit, I mean the suite itself. I was trying to view it on the Fairmont website, and none of the suites are identified as “presidential suite”.

  9. I think the one they are showing in this DEAL is the Diplomat suite, but one can probably get something very nice indeed. I pulled the trigger on it (with three others) so for 1500$ all in (splitting 6K across four) I figure it is worth it. I love the VJ in Hamburg and the banff springs, the suite upgrade certs will come in handy. 100$ a year free food, early/late checkout, what’s not to like.

  10. This is a good deal if:
    1) They actually honour it and it wasn’t a typo
    2) For the next 5 years the program benefits aren’t significantly cut back
    3) At some random time life time status is terminated (Like SQ’s lifetime status)

    As for splitting it:
    1) You trust some random person on the internet to fairly distribute $2000.

    As mentioned Canadian Amex plat gets it in 5 nights, if you say 1/4 of the fee goes towards Plat status than that’s $100/year, or 15-20 years worth of plat status. To actually use the benefits you have to stay at Fairmont hotels, so I would say the 5 night requirement is a wash.

  11. Yeah, but the main fairmonthotels account putting out a “this deal was in error” tweet can’t be good. Hopefully, they will come to their senses, do the math and figure it would be a benefit over time to keep the deal intact.

  12. Nice to be quoted with you in the same article over at USA Today Hotel chatter blog, I am honored. Looking forward to reading more of your trip reports from your latest trip!

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