Lots of IHG Rewards Promotion Codes to Earn You Big Bonuses for Your Hotel Stays

Two weeks ago I shared a list of IHG Rewards promotion codes you can sign up for.

Piling on the points is something you can really do with this program because they run many concurrent promotions, ostensibly targeted but that are often in practice open to everyone and can often be stacked on top of each other.

You don’t always know which promotions will post and which will not with this program, but in advance of a stay at one of their hotels (eg Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza) it’s wise to sign up for as many promotions as possible that you think you might be able to meet the qualifications for.

Head for Points updates and adds to the list of known promotion codes you can register for.

4040 – New Stay Bonus (1,500 points on your next stay)
4047 – Elite Member Next Stay Bonus (5,000 points on your next stay, Gold or Platinum member only)
6636 and 8000 – Anniversary Bonus (1,000 points per stay for 60 days, may be the same offer)
3157 and 8994 – Welcome Back Bonus (3,000 points on your next stay, may be the same offer)
3050 and 8834 – Elite Member Next Stay Bonus (3,000 points on your next stay, Gold or Platinum member only)
9944 – New Member Bonus (3,000 points on your next stay)
9990 – 2000 Bonus Points Per Stay for 60 Days
8647 – 1000 Bonus Points Per Stay for 90 Days
3006 and 3007 – Elite Member Winback Bonus (3,000 points on your next stay, Gold or Platinum member only, may be the same offer)

And of course these are on top of your customized ‘Big Win’ promotion offer.

Just go to the promo registration page and enter your account number and the code number of the promotion you want to register for.

Normally I advise signing up for promotions right away, in order to not have to remember to do it when you have a stay or unexpectedly stumble into a stay. In this case I advise otherwise — many of these promotions are time-limited, not by a specific date range but by a number of days from the time you register to earn the bonus. So wait until you’re about to have a stay and then register.

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  1. Looks like IHG is getting better at making sure people are eligible to for the promo. Some worked and others got the following message.
    “The code you entered is invalid for your membership. Please check the qualification requirements for your country, region or program.”

    Also note that some Promos from your previous post which I registered for early this month did show up in account right away but they now are showing.

  2. there are few reports of account closure on FT and one seems to be due to registering for promotions which were not targeted …i will be cautious before using these codes

  3. I can’t decide whether or not to sign up for these (or go for the Big Win). I think that it’s useful, but I already have a bunch of hotel points (Hilton, Starwood, etc) and even though spending say $250 for 3 stays to activate the Big Win might get me (in conjunction with all these promo codes) anywhere from 50,000-60,000 points, I’m not sure “earn”ing those points is wise when I have no concrete plans to “burn” them

  4. @techoin — I seriously doubt that registering for bonus points was the root cause of the closures.

  5. Any ideas if this is possible to sign up and still be awarded for a stay that I just checked out of today?

  6. @Nate you can try, but my guess is that you’d need to have registered by date of checkin rather than checkout. I could be wrong and have never tested this

  7. Do you know if these codes would apply if I did a stay using my ambassador weekend certificate?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. @techoin please post the thread on FT that talks about this…

    I have switched all of my hotel stays to IHG or Starwood, just in promo points with IHG I got over 300K points, not counting my points for staying, so in many ways I truly like this program. I have average about 190 night stays between both brands last year.

  9. Thanks Gary,
    The info was very helpful. Convinced me to cancel a La Quinta Stay and move it to Staybridge Suites.
    Regarding the other comments. Always try and register. Worst it could say, your not eligible. These promotions are separate from the big win.

  10. In the past you were able to register for a promo anytime before the stay posted to your account. But I can confirm that earlier this month I checked out on the 6th of jan and registered for a bunch of promos the same day, that did not post. So I would advise to register before the stay or at least before your check out date.

  11. @Gary, DJP_707 – Points just posted to my account and I can confirm, when I registered for the promos after I checked out (within a couple hours) they all posted correctly. Ended up being awarded 18k points for a 3 night stay which is great.

  12. Hi I had a question regarding when to register for the codes.

    So i’m planning on booking a stay for march 1 soon (probably book within next few days) but i was wondering should i register for all the codes now, esp the ones with 60/90 day limit. or should i wait until end of feb to register? do i need to register for code first BEFORE i book the hotel in order to get the points or will i qualify for the bonus points as long as i registered before my actual stay regardless of when i booked the room?

    i’m a plat member via the IHG credit card and will be booking thru their website. thanks in advance for the information. been a long time since i stayed at iHG / registered for promos so kinda forgot what the proper method was.

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