My Loud Sheraton Toilet, More Priority Pass Restaurants and the Best Use of SkyMiles

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  1. The toilet works — for your overweight fat piece of shit lard asshole.

  2. We bought a few mini bottles of Moet at the Skyclub in JFK with miles (~700 miles per bottle). Asked the bartender not to open them because we wanted to pop them at our seats and he had no problem with it, no reason we couldn’t have walked out with them if we wanted. They also let you tip the bartenders in miles.

  3. @Bang – I remember when I first learned to cuss. It was so darn fun. Must be a thrill to get off mom and dad’s account and get your own internet access.

  4. It really does sound like that toilet is working very hard to do the job it is designed to do. Thank you for leaving the lid down so that we don’t have to see the exact cause of the strain on the plumbing system.

  5. @ bang yourself. Does your mommy know what an uncouth jerk you are.

    @Gary . That was a ridiculous toilet. Certainly would wake any companion in the middle of the night.

  6. Where is the Sheraton Service Promise when you need it ?
    Out of Business like Starwood a failure of a brand that never got fixed
    Even Hilton does better for Brand Assurance simply shameful they have no inspections before releasing a room

  7. Ok, plain and simple. Best use of SkyMiles is partner redemption. Toilet sounding off….if it is yellow, let it mellow, if is brown, flush it down. Coming from someone who used to have septic system….1 or 2 flushes during the whole stay, isn’t going to kill you….

  8. Wow you ban me for having a different point of view but let bang get away with crap that is clearly trolling.

    I think I was hitting too close to home and the truth. You big, big man with small little hands. Lol

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