Love Island Star Arrested Transiting Abu Dhabi After Viral Video Snorting Drugs

Former Love Island star Kaz Crossley was arrested in Abu Dhabi while connecting from London enroute to Thailand. She was wanted by authorities after viral video on social media showed her doing drugs two years earlier while in Dubai.

Many things are allowed in the U.A.E., and even more conservative Qatar, until they aren’t. Behaviors that are kept private, or outside of public view are generally tolerated. But engaging in these behaviors becomes far more risky once exposed. And that means that anyone you’re close to, who has evidence against you, also has leverage.

She was arrested on Monday while in transit at the airport. Just landing in the U.A.E. was enough of a flag. She was released after “fully cooperating,” though it’s unclear what that means – what information she offered to U.A.E. police after questioning about “a matter that is not directly related to her” but where she “could assist in their enquiries.”

Anyone who partied with Crossley in the U.A.E., though, would be advised not to return. Indeed Crossley might want to transit a different country on her way back from Thailand. Both Thai Airways and EVA Air are operating the route on a non-stop daily basis at this point.

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A manager of a luxury chain hotel in Bangkok once told me how he missed running a hotel in Doha because of the gay scene there. There’s de facto and de jure, but sometimes the line crosses over between them and things that are accepted and forbidden and consequences get imposed. Drugs, of course, carry consequences even in more many more liberal societies. But wherever you travel you incur legal risk for violating local rules – even though as a tourist you can often follow your own practices and be fine, most of the time.

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