I Love – But Do Not Understand – Singapore’s New Safety Video

Singapore Airlines has a new safety video, set not on a plane but in Singapore.

A Singapore Girl visits famous spots in Singapore — Boat Quay, The Intan Peranakan Home Museum, River Safari, Haji Lane, Capitol Theatre and Gardens by the Bay — and demonstrates safety instructions along the way.

The goal, in conjunction with the Singapore Tourism Board, is to highlight and promote travel to Singapore and Singapore connections. And this is somewhat strange to me: investing in marketing travel to and through Singapore to people who are literally already doing it since they’re onboard a Singapore aircraft for the most part when they see the video.

At the same time, the people most likely to travel to Singapore are those who travel to Singapore so perhaps there’s an opportunity to reinforce the decision customers are making (though economy passengers will have that reinforced via the seat back video screens, cup holders, and foot bars their seat provides — as well as more spacious seats than competitors like United Airlines offers).

Now if they could somehow manage to show the safety video on Cathay Pacific and Emirates flights, that would be a win!

Singapore is a great city to visit. It’s more than just a stopover. It’s one of my favorite places in the world for dining, both at the high and the low end and there are fantastic activities. If you haven’t spent time there give it 3 days the next time you’re in Southeast Asia.

And of course Singapore’s airport is widely considered the best in the world. I don’t love that the new terminal has central security, I love the efficiency (for customers) of security at each gate. You can see the boarding door as you get in a non-existent line at security. And when you get off of one flight, you simply walk to the next one or the lounge with no checks to go through.

Long layover? There’s more to do in this airport from the cactus garden; movie theater; the terminal 1 rooftop swimming pool; the sunflower, orchid, and butterfly gardens; or the slide.

As a visitor of course you have access to all the wonderful things Singapore has to offer on a drop-in basis, without staying long enough to experience things Singaporeans complain about.

We get fined for almost everything
Drivers won’t ‘give chance’ when you want to ‘change lane’
The indoors are cold, the outdoors are hot;
And the humid air, it wrecks my hair

These things are all true but is a safety video the best way to reach people who are open to the message but don’t already know?

On the other hand, the safety video got me to write about the safety video, so perhaps it’s doing its job!

(HT: One Mile at a Time)

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  1. As you stated yourself, the video is done in conjunction with the tourism board, promoting tourism as well as instilling a sense of national pride as SG celebrates its 52nd National Day today. Also, not everyone flying to SG is going to SG as the final destination. There are many people transiting via SIN or not going to SIN as they’re flying 5th freedom routes.

    The video is beautifully shot. Just enjoy it. It’s not that complicated. Slow news day got every Boarding Area blogger copying and pasting each other again?

  2. “Bored” I don’t see any copy and pasting, others write about what’s new in their own way but I’m pretty sure each of our takes here is different. Read the voices that interest you, don’t read the ones that bore you, and you will be a happier person.

  3. That’s because with those beautiful girls, you are unable to pay attention to whats being said?

    Gramps you still have some life left in you.

  4. Guess you haven’t flown UA for a long time. Their annoying safety announcement does the same as this one, showing UA FA’s and Pilots in various world locations demonstrating safety protocol. Then, at the end, they all applaud each other. Wierd.
    Please UA, time for a new one, or just have the FA’s do the demo in person!

  5. A very classy video with a very attractive flight attendant. Aiming to boost tourism as a “value-add” is just icing on the cake – my guess is that Cathay will probably emulate this.

  6. I am really puzzled why people still consider SIN airport so great. Terminal 1 certainly used to be great, but today it is mediocre at best and often very annoying. Where once there were vast open spaces to sit and relax, the majority of these spaces have been gradually eliminated in order to cram in more and more duty-free shops. The only escalator up to the airline lounge level is now hidden inside a liquor store. The result is more passengers than ever squeezing their way through far narrower common areas. Gate security is also very time consuming and badly organized. This airport is clearly coasting on past glories.

  7. What a great video. I’ve never been to Singapore and am dying to go after seeing the sights through this video. Perhaps that’s also the point? Singapore Airlines knows that people what safety videos for fun, so they can gain a few more tourists that way! 🙂

  8. AFAIK, T1 and T2 are due for a remodel. T3 is a nice terminal with high ceilings, lots of places to wait around and lots of amenities for the long haul traveler. T4 which will be opening soon has CX as the first airline to move from T1, which is being expanded.

    I don’t think they’re “sitting on their laurels”. They’re doing more improvement than any airport in the US…

  9. Rodney: I agree on T3, and I’m encouraged to hear about plans for T1 and T2, but…..remodelings tend to take a while. Probably a bit unfair to compare SIN to NRT, but full remodeling of T1 at NRT took a cool 15 years!

  10. Gary, I like the efforts that airlines make to get our attention to the safety briefing. While Air New Zealand’s videos are fun, SQ’s is just uptight and too distracting. It’s like driving through the Las Vegas strip – a sensory overload.

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