Lucky and I Were Flying Los Angeles to Melbourne…

Two Qantas first class passengers delayed a flight when they refused to fly without first class pajamas that fit and refused substitutes from business class.

They chose to leave the plane and the flight waited for 30 minutes while their baggage was offloaded.

The A380 – which can carry more than 400 passengers – eventually arrived in Melbourne on time this morning.

I do think that Qantas should have properly stocked their A380 so that first class passengers had first class pajamas that fit, the size in question is not unusual. I cannot, however, imagine offloading oneself from the flight because of it.

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  1. I guess they really showed Qantas. I assume are now hours or maybe a day delayed going to Australia. However, if I were travelling in first with them I would consider the 30 minute delay a blessing. I’m thinking they would have been complaining all the way down under…

  2. I flew Lufthansa in ffirst class last year and they did not have pjs in my size. They gave me large when I neded medium.

    I absolutely did NOT get off the plane. They apologized for not having my size and I said no problem!

    I was just happy to be in first class!

    I also loved the limo ride IATA the Frankfurt airport!

  3. take the biz class jammies, ask politely for a $ voucher for trouble and for the correct set of jammies when you get down under. Sheesh!

  4. While getting off the plane was ridiculous I would also get mad if I am paying more than $10K for a seat in first class and do not get ALL the perks I paid for. I heard there are some airlines today that contact the passengers flying business or first class prior to the flight and ask their favorite meal, drink, etc.. If I am paying $10K+ I would expect to be contacted by Qantas in advance and be asked questions regarding my preferences, SIZE OF MY PIJAMA, etc… If you pay for first class, I expect first class treatment. Just to share how a first class experience can be bad, last year I was upgraded from biz to first on an AA flight from GRU to JFK. I wasn’t paying for first class but I would be very upset if I was paying and my choice of meal wasn’t available by the time the flight attendant arrived to my seat, their best red wine was an Argentine Malbec you can buy for $12.99 in any liquor store in the US and the chocolate served after dinner was Ferrero Rocher which you can buy at any Walgreens or CVS for less than $5 a box. How about if I was paying $15K for that?

  5. I flew SYD-LAX last month in UA Global First. They only catered 2 cereal dishes for breakfast which were taken long before they got to me. I tried to deplane but likely would have drowned since I wasn’t made aware of this until an hour before landing.

  6. I guess it depends on whether it was a revenue ticket or award flight. If I’d spent 10K+ per ticket (assuming RT), I’d want my pajamas to fit too.

  7. This is beyond absurd. I find the whole idea of pajamas on an airplane weird to begin with, so this is absolutely nuts to me.

    It’s also somewhat surprising that Qantas actually allowed them to do this…

  8. Did they say it was a paid ticket? I didn’t notice that in the article.

    I recently flew from EWR-BCN and my friend gave us 2 upgrades for United’s BizFirst. My wife and I were in two window seats, one behind the other. The first guy on the aisle we asked to switch (so I could sit next to my wife) said no and that he likes his normal seat. The next person we asked was awesome and said yes. Who was it? Clyde the Glide! He was going to BCN for the Olympic b-ball game. Totally awesome of him. He slept in the layflat seat in his suit (didn’t even take of the jacket).

    Those 2 on Quantas were real putzes and I agree that it is worth the wait to get them off the plane.

  9. I’m kind of surprised there isn’t some kind of penalty fine for an optional disembarkation that disrupts the flight. It cost real money to Qantas to do this.

  10. 1. If this isn’t the definition of a first world problem, I don’t know what is.

    2. Typical of Qantas to bait and switch with product or not have stock. Before getting onto miles/ points etc. I bought 2 x First tickets Australia to Europe. Paid $13000 each. Didn’t have Dom Perignon on the flight and entertainment unit didn’t work. Haven’t bought another QF ticket in First since.

    3. That said, no way you offload passengers because there were no PJs.

  11. @mark

    Sorry that was a spelling maybe auto correct error.

    It should just be limo at Frankfurt. They meet planside and bring you to the first class lounge in a limo!

  12. You can tell they weren’t going home….Aussie’s would have gone commando and just let it all hang out, instead of getting off of a perfectly good airplane….and since it was their fault for not having the right size pj’s the flight crew would just have to look the other way, so to speak.

  13. XL-sized Australian passengers are not surprising. They are the most obese nation in the world, by a “not-so” slim margin!

  14. More to it than meets the eye… Maybe the crew was rude as well and if you pay for an F ticket you may not want to out up with that

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