Lufthansa Offers 5000 Free Miles to Doctors

Lufthansa will reward doctors with 5000 miles for registering and agreeing to help out in a medical emergency.

In the past I’ve always seen offers of thanks to folks who have volunteered when needed (or handwringing about airlines that wouldn’t even bother with a thank you). This is the first I’ve seen of an airline proactively rewarding doctors in advance, before any help has been provided.

Perhaps the offer — of something that seems free, in exchange for a remote chance of help being needed — will get doctors to pre-commit. This makes sense if doctors are reluctant on the spot to speak up and volunteer. Perhaps the pre-commitment is cheap to buy but powerful in the rare event that it’s needed.

(Via @Airfarewatchdog)

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  1. This seems silly. Any medical professional is ethically obligated to speak up and help out when needed. My brother, a CRNA, is ethically obligated to stop at a car wreck, even if he didn’t see it happen, and help unless there are paramedics on the scene. So to offer miles is unnecessary. And to offer only 5k miles seems frivolously useless…

  2. I suspect it’s part marketing to a well-off demographic, and making their insurance policy known.

    I don’t have a problem with doctors or paramedics getting some extra benefits for potential service to the airline and its customers.

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