Luxury Heist at Hyatt: Be Careful When You Leave Your Rolls Royce At The Valet [Roundup]

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  1. Lufthansa must not handle special meals very well. I just returned from Singapore and Singapore Airlines promotes special meals through their “book the cook” feature which I took advantage of.

    A flight attendant confirmed my choices shortly after take off then when the meals were delivered I noticed everything had a sticker with my seat number so these were already assembled which obviously made it easier on the FAs. Totally seamless and didn’t seem to impact overall service. BTW this was in Premium Economy not even business.

    Of course Singapore Airline has a great ratio of FAs to passengers and everyone of them I interacted with was proactive and very service oriented. God I’m going to miss that attitude now back in the US (about to get on AA JFK-CLT for example which will serve as a dramatic comparison in overall service)

  2. The valet story is interesting and sloppy. Reading the report it first identifies the couple’s vehicle as a Roll-Royce, but then later says it is a Bentley. These two marques have not been commonly owned for years

  3. About 15 years ago I used to frequent a night club in north Scottsdale and got to know one of the GMs. He said one evening he was outside and some guy in a luxury sports car (Porsche? Ferrari? can’t remember) pulled up and assumed he was the valet and tossed him the keys and went into the club.

    The GM said he decided to take it for a ride to his house and showed his wife the car before coming back home. Not sure if that was true but you need to be careful who you give your car keys to and who knows what stuff valets may do with your car.

  4. Old story. Someone goes to an oft frequenter restaurant. A young man helps the driver out of the vehicle. Driver leves keys in the car, walks in, says to the manager “impressive valet service you have now.” Manager replies: “ we don’t have valet service.”

  5. It is a wonder that cars that expensive don’t have a disabler if the vehicle is out of touch with the owner or too far away. This vehicle was supposedly recovered in Houston months later.

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