Man Checks Can of Beer as His Only Luggage

A man checked a single can of beer as his only luggage onboard Saturday’s Qantas flight QF777 from Melbourne to Perth. Melbourne – Perth is a cross country flight in Australia, about the distance of New York – Denver.

The beer was “tagged and sent off to be loaded onto the plane with the rest of the baggage,” with ground staff in Melbourne apparently taking some photos before boarding the checked bag.

On the other end of the journey the passenger waited for his luggage at baggage claim — prepared to file a missing luggage claim — “when he saw a group of people standing around the baggage claim area with their phones out” telling him his precious cargo had arrived!

“Sure enough there she was, alone on the carousel proudly making her way around. And there I was in my flanno and RMs to greet her. It was perfection.”

Here it comes:

What makes the decision to check the Emu Export lager especially strange is that Australian domestic flights do not have limits for liquids in carry on bags (unless you’re on a domestic flight departing from an international terminal).

(HT: Paul H.)

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  1. Great idea. I might do this so I can get my boarding pass online for my UA basic economy flight.

  2. This is why we ready vftw.
    Also, what a great idea! I’m going to check a watermelon next time.

  3. When I used to work as a baggage handler, I once saw somebody check deer antlers wrapped in duct tape. That was probably the weirdest thing I’ve seen.

  4. Oh, and something to actually go with the story:

    Someone once checked a mini keg. That was a very odd interaction with the gate agent. I worked for UAX at the time, and ticket counter was staffed by mainline UA agents. (This was IAD).

    Ticket agent comes down with a package, and the following ensues:

    TA: Hey, I have some sensitive baggage that I didn’t want to put through the baggage system.
    Me: What is it?
    TA: I can’t tell you.
    Me: You expect me to load something on the aircraft that requires special handling, won’t tell me what it is, and expect me to sign the baggage slip saying everything is good to go when I have no idea what this is?
    TA: I called HAZMAT and they said its fine.
    Me, to myself: We’re not a HAZMAT carrier, and in this sense we are completely independent from UA. Their HAZMAT program means nothing to me.
    Me, to the TA: I’ll tell the pilot that we got some special cargo and that HAZMAT cleared it, and when he asked me what it is, I’ll tell him I have no idea and he should refuse it. I bet he will.
    TA: Okay… it’s a mini keg.
    Me: Why all the back and forth?
    TA: ‘Cause I don’t want you guys to steal it.
    Me: For real lady? Anyway, where is this going?
    TA: Boston.
    Me: Oh, you need to talk to the United rampers, this is the UAX staging area.

    UAX wears different uniforms than mainline… she should know that.

  5. An (obviously) single guy enjoying life! I recall a return flight through Miami, after diving in the Caymans many years ago, sitting alongside a Canadian traveler returning home. He was wearing all the clothes that he had brought on his vacation – a t-shirt and shorts – and reached into the overhead luggage compartment to retrieve a bottle of wine that he then tried to get the flight attendants to drink along with him! That was when air travel was fun!

  6. I debated checking a 49.9 lb kettlebell weight on the plane when I was moving last year, decided against it and just bought a new one though.

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