Don’t Read This If You’re Easily Offended: Man “Crammed His Junk Between 2 Airline Seats And…”

Things can get super awkward in the sky when we’re all trapped inside a metal tube together — whether it’s Qantas offering on demand sex ed through its entertainment system, a celebrity’s child peeing on a brand new Vietnam Airlines Airbus A350, a child forced to pee on her seat on JetBlue (the airline apologized) or passengers urinating on each other inflight (also on JetBlue).

Nonetheless, this is one of the stranger reasons for an awkward urine incident: a man “became angry because he was not allowed to smoke or drink onboard.”

A shirtless man reportedly sparked a “massive brawl” on board an Air Mediterranee flight after uritinating on a fellow passenger.

Flight ML2673 was flying from the Algerian capital of Algiers to Paris on Monday afternoon when flight attendants were forced to overpower the man after he became unruly.

Apparently the man “crammed his junk between two airline seats and urinated.”

The Air Mediterranee flight diverted to Lyon to offload the passenger, where he was removed forcefully, and arrived 3 hours late in Paris.

Oh, yeah – for some reason the perpetrator decided to take off his shirt, too.

Pro-tip: For those of you who haven’t flown before, jet airplanes usually have lavatories — often both in the forward and aft sections of the aircraft (although there’s some debate as to whether coach passengers ought to use the lavatory in the first class section of the plane).

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  1. I had a bad experience on a united flight we were ready to start taxiing for takeoff and my 3 year old daughter needed to use the bathroom and the FA said she can’t go and told me she can’t get up to go until the seatbelt sign turns off. We ended up not taking off for another 30 minutes and she still wouldn’t allow us to get up and she ended up making #2 in her seat (we were in first class) the FA wouldn’t even acknowledge or apologize to us but she had to clean up. We were so upset and so were the rest of the passengers in first class who had to bear the smell for the next couple hours in the flight.. Luckily for us we always bring spare clothing when we fly just in case.

  2. Sam, this can happen to anyone. I was in the Amazon (jungle trek) and contacted a terrible case of something that affected my bowels. Although I was able to get a Cipro prescription once back in Iquitos, I still had to fly from Iquitos to Lima, Lima through El Salvador, then onto Miami and then to Tampa. Because the Cipro wouldn’t work right away I was in constant terror of having an “accident” in my seat, and when turbulence hit and we were not allowed to leave our seats I was clenching it all the way. From that day on I swore I would never leave home without a half-dozen Immodium in my wallet. I know this may be TMI for some, but it is a lesson well-learned for me.

  3. The art on this is basically making my Facebook feed unviewable at work. Could you use different lead art or at least slap an NSFW on this?

  4. I wouldve stabbed through his dick with my pen if he stuck his junk between the seats to pee on me.

  5. @districtdowner I’m guessing you thought the art on the facebook post was a bare butt (i thought it was at first glance too) but it’s just a shirtless guy. Can’t blame Gary for not slapping NSFW if the actual picture is SFW.

  6. Ewe! Oh, just ewe! I hope he hurt his junk, and suffers every time he uses his junk. From other commenters, I think the airline rules on times to use the lavs are too stringent. Fly Air Asia, and watch people go to the lav during take off. Something you never see on a US carrier.

  7. I have a small bladder and can’t wait sometimes for the seat belt sign. On several occasions when I asked or just got up to go, I’ve been warned by FA’s but then was assured by others that this is only pro forma and I would not be stopped as long as I wasn’t disruptive. So I am always very apologetic and mumble something about surgery (which I’ve had) and can’t hold it, and they always seem to understand.

    Does anyone know if this is true and one is not truly risking arrest if they can’t wait and are polite and apologetic about it. It seems sometimes FA’s just want to know you understand and are appreciative.

  8. I always tell them I have a prostate the size of a baseball and they never reply for some reason. I’d offer to show it to them

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