Man Finds Hidden Tunnel In His Hotel Room

A man searches his hotel room and finds a hidden room – inside a hidden room – and it leads to a tunnel. This is the plot to everything M. Night Shyamalan produced after 2004.

The room either leads to a Hamas tunnel, or the hotel was remodeled and the efficient design, with uniform room sizes and materials, meant that there was extra space – walled off, with corridors for access during construction. I’m not sure which one is more likely.

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  1. I understand the multiple reasons it could be there, but why wouldn’t the hotel install at least a simple $100 or even $50 lock on that door so that nobody could do what he did.

    In its current state, that could be used for very nefarious purposes. Someone could find it, and then constantly rent that room and use it for a lot of ‘other’ things.

  2. Nice tip of the hat to M. Night Shyamalan, I positively loved “The Sixth Sense” starring Bruce Willis. Some of his films after that were OK, but none as good as the 6.

  3. You do identify the hotel. What did the customer do. Did he proceed through the tunnel? Did he find weapons. How do you do know it was a Hamas tunnel?

  4. @Gary

    You mentioned a possible Hamas tunnel, what hotel is this and where is it located?

    I’m guessing a hotel in Israel located within a few hundred meters of Gaza?

  5. Another site I can curate out of my readings. Casual throwaway reference to a horrible real-world situation for not even close to a tittering laugh.

  6. If there is other access to that space I can think of nefarious purposes to which it could be put. But I’ve also often wished houses were built with such access to the back–it would make life much easier for repairing/upgrading the stuff in the walls.

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