Man Flies Drone Inside Airport, Gets Arrested After Returning From Trip

A 51 man was arrested yesterday on arrival at the Hong Kong airport.

On Thursday July 13th at 1:30 p.m. he flew his drone inside the Hong Kong airport to take a selfie. He then shared the drone selfie photos of Facebook with a caption identifying where he was going, and sharing that his drone is named Dobby.

Source: Facebook

People who saw the online photos shared them with police. D’oh. He had already left the airport, but authorities were able to identify the man and his travel plans, so when his return flight arrived back at the airport on Tuesday the man was taken into custody.

Chapter 35 prohibits passengers from causing flight hazards by flying kites, balloons, and model airplanes within the airport’s restricted area. Offenders face a maximum penalty of six months’ imprisonment and a HKD50,000 fine.

As a general matter announcing you’ve broken the law on social media, and providing photographic evidence, is inadvisable. Returning to the scene of the crime afterward? Even less so.

(HT: Kalil D.)

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  1. This is an ridiculous overreach. There is no “flight hazard” by flying a drone INDOORS, a few feet over your head. The rule is clearly there to prevent collisions with aircraft.

  2. @tommyleo – I know, right? It’s not like it could crash into a passenger… or a baby.. er, wait..

  3. @afterbang: Drones are used in countless public places, including where babies are. Your sarcastic point is not relevant if you think there is a safety distinction between the inside of an airport terminal and, say, a public park. If you want to outlaw all drones due to that extremely rare hazard, that’s fine. Until then, think before you post sarcasm.

  4. @tommyleo

    Inside the airport terminal that obviously is much more confined comparing to a park or an open space, with lots of passersby, is NOT safe.

    The man is too stupid to brag about this on Social Media and deserves being arrested on his return. Else soon you would have many selfie-crazy people doing the same.

  5. @FLL: But look at the photo of the guy. He’s clearly in a quiet spot in the terminal and he was just using the drone to take a pic of himself.

    If airports want to ban drones indoors for general safety considerations, that’s fine. But arresting him for causing a “flight hazard” is preposterous. No aircraft were in danger.

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