Man Goes “Full Psycho” On United Flight To Tokyo, Passenger Now Afraid To Fly Home [Roundup]

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  1. I took some photos on a DL plane this weekend that were the filthiest I have ever seen… half inch of caked on dust and grime in plain sight from my seat. Wish I could share those.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the man who went “full psycho” on a United flight to Tokyo. It sounds like a very frightening experience for everyone involved, especially the passenger who is now afraid to fly home.

    It’s important to remember that these incidents are rare, and that the vast majority of flights are safe and uneventful. However, it’s understandable that the passenger who witnessed this incident would be feeling anxious about flying again.

  3. Why not make a credit card dispute for InTown Suites? Some of the contract they fulfilled and some they did not. Or was the payment by cash or check or transfer (or in the old days, money order)?

  4. OMG- this was the OP’s first time being within 20 ft of an angry man? Where were they flying from? North Korea?

  5. I had a horrible flight to Paris and back in September. It was an A350-900 with taped up (no joke) seats. The tape is red and says “do not use”!!!! That makes you feel warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it? The arm was cracked plastic, anf of course, the seats were cramped and hard. That is in Delta Comfort Plus, mind you. Outbound the food was horrible and there was no service. None. I had to go to First Class to get some water. WiFi didn’t work on either out or back. There were handwritten messages in the toilet “no trash” and carpet was frayed and taped. I have never been on a Third World airline, and didn’t think Delta–whom I adore–would sink that low.
    I would love to send the pictures to show just how awful it was.
    Can anyone dig into their files and give me the address Ed Bastian????

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