Man Says He’s a Terrorist With Women’s Hearts, Flight Aborts Takeoff

When a man declared himself a terrorist in his dating life, his Jet Airways flight aborted takeoff in Kolkoata, India on Monday.

The man was onboard Jet Airways flight 472 to Mumbai. He snapchatted a photo of himself “with a handkerchief covering half his face” along with the comment “Terrorist on board, I destroy women’s hearts”.

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The plane was taxiing out. Another passenger sitting diagonally behind the man saw the message and informed a flight attendant, who told the captain, who informed air traffic control. They returned to the gate.

The man was taken off the flight and handed over to police. His bags were removed and inspected. The flight departed an hour late.

Naturally law enforcement reports “no suspicious or objectionable item was found.” However the man’s reluctance to show his phone to police was taken as a sign of guilt.

Although it was obviously a private joke the man was sending to friends, an ‘inquiry’ continues into the incident that a nosy fellow passenger stuck themselves in the middle of.

Here’s video of it all going down:

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  1. Another example of passengers who cant mind their own business. Reading people’s phones? Should have tossed that passenger off as well.

  2. Nosy passenger? Yes. But the guy was an idiot to pull that stunt even in jest. It was entirely predictable what would happen next. Idiot.

  3. I don’t know. You’re sitting on a plane and notice a passenger sending a message saying something about being a terrorist. Whether or not you should have done a better job averting your eyes, is it really that wrong to point it out to the FA?

  4. @LAWRENCE LOESCH, something.

    See how useless that is? When you leave security to amateurs that’s what you get.

  5. Hard for me to fault the neighbor. If I saw the word ‘terrorist’ on the phone of someone that had his face half covered, I’d report it as well. Pretty poor judgement to make that kind of joke on a plane.

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