Man Sprints Behind American Airlines Ticket Counter and Rides the Baggage Belt in Miami

On Saturday at the Miami International Airport a man sprinted onto a checked baggage conveyor belt behind an American Airlines ticket counter and out onto the tarmac.

He is then “seen being chased by an army of airport employees in neon vests” like a scene from Keystone Cops. The man is caught (and really, was it going to end any other way?) and handcuffed by police. And the whole thing was caught on video. Awesome.

If you really want to have fun with checked baggage there are better ways to do it. Like when the singer from Puddle of Mudd rode the baggage carousel in Denver.

(HT: Meg Butler)

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  1. Was this a test on how to bypass airport security systems? If so, it was wildly successful. TSA better immediately block that mode of entry because that was a closed counter. I remember long before 9/11, there were many news stories on how a drunk or disruptive passenger would immediately get the pilot out of the flight deck. I always thought that was a huge security flaw because hijackers could easily take over without any major weapons. That that flaw was not fixed allowed 9/11 to occur. I hope we don’t make that mistake again with this major security flaw.

  2. This is called “Penetration Testing” in IT terms. Same thing for any security system. The data gleaned from this test is very valuable. How far did he get? What happened when he was found out? etc. etc.

  3. Another ObamaCare terrorist recipient who is not in the mental hospital due to forced “individual mandates” and “shared SOCIALIST responsibility” in America! Build a WALL, repeal ObamaCare, and flush these monsters down the toilet.

  4. Two comments:

    1. I’ve always wanted to ride the luggage carousel and see what it’s like behind airport counters (i.e., how does a bag get from check-in to the airplane?).

    2.) Did that red tugger skid when it pulled up?

  5. A few observations:
    1. Nice tackling form. Wrapped him up and brought him down by the legs..
    2. Bike cop is first one there and it sure seems to take a while for the other cops to get there. Although lots of ground crew willing to help….

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