Man Sues Airline After Burning Himself With His Own E-Cigarette

In 1984 a California man was tossing his toddler up and down in his living room. The kid loved it, and the father went higher and higher. Until the kid’s head hit the ceiling fan. Which was on. And the man sued the ceiling fan manufacturer for failing to warn him that this might be dangerous.

This wasn’t the only man to sue over failure to warn after a ceiling fan injury.

In a case that only would have sympathy for the customer, a man is suing Norwegian Air because he burned his hands on his e-cigarette during flight.

E-cigarette use is already banned in flight and they’re not allowed in checked luggage either. However,

The writer had plugged his e-cig into an outlet, put it in the seat-back pocket in front of him and had fallen asleep — and awoke to smoke pouring from the unit, according to court papers.

Wiberg grabbed the overheated e-cig and “plunged it into a bucket of water” held by the panicked crew, he claimed, sustaining third-degree burns on his right hand, and first- and second degree burns on his left hand, he says in a Brooklyn federal court lawsuit against the airline.

He failed to learn from the drunk realtor who exposed her breasts and refused to put out her e-cigarette inflight.

Instead he contends that “[t]he airline should never have let him bring the e-cig on the flight or let him charge it.”

Saturday Night Live nailed it in their commercial for the law firm of Green & Fazio.

Let’s be frank, what does a ‘No Trespassing’ sign mean when you’re as drunk as I was?

They can have their $2.6 million back, but who’ll give me back my tooth?

…Do you want to spend the rest of your life wondering, maybe I should have sued?

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  1. […] The major reasons vaping isn’t permitted are (1) that there’s a stigma against it because it’s ‘like’ cigarette smoking and (2) other passengers might think vapers are smoking a cigarette even though they aren’t. It’s certainly not due to second hand smoke risk! Then again there’s liability protection, since a passenger once sued an airline after burning himself with his own e-cigarette. […]


  1. The dig at site defending consumers rights is deplorable, completely unwarranted, and ultimately reflects poorly on your judgment; the rest of the piece is fair.

  2. @James

    Nonsense! I have successfully used the information I obtained from Chris Elliot website to fight an unfair charge by Avis who falsely accused me of damaging their vehicle 6 months after I returned it in (and was checked and cleared at return by their crew) at SNA and wanted $$$. Regardless what label you stick on him, the site is very helpful.

  3. Amy Chis Elliot is not a Journalist but pushes goods. His blogs and articles are littered (as in garbage) with personal views rather then readers or research. He was with USA Today but they dropped him.

    The consumer is not always right. The consumer will screw over a business every chance it gets, even small businesses.

    These “not my fault” lawsuits happen because consumers are out for the $$$, nothing more. This guy could have killed every person on that plane and he turns around and sues the airline because his product that he brought in burned him! The airline should sue him.

  4. Agreed, Chris Elliott does indeed push goods, but he does also have useful information. I once had a legitimate claim against a travel insurance agency but he wouldn’t take the case, presumably because he derives so much revenue from referral links on his site. Anyway, everyone has to make money somehow, so everyone is pushing some kind of good or service online with varying degrees of bias. Use your own brains and decide if the free advice you’re reading is worthwhile or not, and if it’s not, then stop reading it. Pretty simple.

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