Man Tries to Keep His Wife From Leaving Him By Claiming She’s a Suicide Bomber

A Delhi man called police to let them know a woman was carrying a bomb and planned to use it on a flight bound for either Dubai or Saudi Arabia. All international flights were temporarily suspended at India’s busiest airport.

The call was forwarded to airport security officials, police stations, IGI Airport and other agencies, including Special Cell. Airport Operations Control Centre [AOCC] contacted the caller who confirmed that Zabina, who has reached Delhi, is planning to leave for abroad. He also shared her contact number.

The man who called in the threat owns a bag manufacturing company in Chennai. He married one of his employees in 2017. She was looking for a way out and got a job in the Gulf. He tried to convince her to stay to no avail.

She left town and he flew out looking for her. He discovered she had already left her family’s home town and was enroute to Delhi with plans to continue to the Mideast. So he called the police “saying his wife was a ‘fidayeen’, a term used to refer to a suicide bomber.”

It’s almost the plot of a romantic comedy in the pre-#MeToo era, except here the male lead gets sent to a torture camp because he used the “t-word” and that might make him one.

At the beginning of the month I noted a man who called in a bomb threat as part of a scheme to date a Lufthansa flight attendant. And earlier this year a student called in a bomb threat against the plane his parents were on because he didn’t want them coming to visit.

Of course don’t say you don’t have a bomb, either, that got a teenager arrested when TSA searched his luggage and found a note mocking them. And equally risky is when an airline employee fabricates your making a bomb threat, out of spite.

Another strategy not to try when your wife is leaving you, also from India? Running out on the tarmac after the plane.

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  1. “romantic comedy”? No, try toxic masculinity, just before the part where he kidnaps/imprisons (kills?) her for trying to escape him (just like in Saudi).

  2. Gary Leff: financial analyst extraordinaire and ‘Geraldo’ of the air travel industry.

    Kudos, Gary, you definitely own your niche!

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