Man Turns Delta Air Lines Lavatory Into A Kitchen, Cooks Garlic Shrimp

Over the summer I covered the man who cooked baby back ribs in a hotel bathroom. He’s now taken his talents to the sky, cooking up a snack of garlic shrimp and mash – in a Delta Air Lines lavatory.

He memorialized the feat with a video in which he opens declaring that he’s got a “terrible idea.” You can see him bringing his supplies through a TSA checkpoint and he is fully aware that it “looks like a bomb.”

Once on board his Delta flight, he heads to the lavatory. There he unpacks his 6 volt battery pack, connecting it to a cigarette lighter-style power cord. And he does what everyone is told not to do as a child, powering up water in the sink.

He takes out the diaper changing table for a work surface. He cooks the shrimp in the water, take it out and places them on paper towels, and adds the dried mashed potato mix into the water. Now he’s got a bag full of garlic mashed potato-coated shrimp as a snack to enjoy back at his seat in economy.

Three years ago a man posted video of himself grilling a steak in a Delta Air Lines lavatory so… I guess? That man was also known for cutting the hair of the passenger in front of him on a plane when the hair was draped over the seat back, covering his entertainment screen.

Do not try this at home (err, inflight) kids. Passengers may eat a full slab of ribs, skin on fries and half an ear of corn on a plane but that doesn’t mean you should cook those things on a plane, unless you’re a crewmember employed by the airline and working in the galley of a properly-equipped aircraft.

Cooking on the ground is far easier! Anyone can make grilled cheese in their room with a hotel iron.

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  1. Hmmm….. mashed instead of instant rice? I could see mashed on Spirit but Delta has to be at least rice.

  2. I mean, if he wants to do the equivalent of licking a toilet seat “because they sanitize it” go for it.

  3. He should at least have plastic bags so the food doesn’t touch the sink. A lot of sinks are probably not cleaned these days of slovenly airplane cleaning and even if they were cleaned, it would probably be with dangerous chemicals.

  4. Sorry, would rather vomit than touch the shrimp, because I would vomit after touching those shrimp.

  5. yuck cooking in the water of the same sink where others washed their hands, blew their nose or spit into also!

  6. Luke,

    That plane lavatory sink and other lavatory surfaces shown in the video probably are often quite the host for fecal matter contamination given how hygiene and thoughtfulness standards aren’t even all that uniform across any given population.

  7. It is because of world class innovative services such as these that makes Delta, a for profit company, the most profitable airline in the world.

  8. Hope he disinfected that sink….on one of my Delta flights I had to wash my shoes covered in poop in the sink . The previous occupant of the delta bathroom had left diarrhea on the floor next to toilet covered with paper…which I stepped in . I had to take off my shoes and wash the poop off. What a mess

  9. Why does the sink changes ?! Did he do his experiment in 2 different lavs ?!
    And gurl… those sinos have seen vomit, pee, dirty hands, spit, diaper poop you name it… it’s absolutely disgusting!!!!

  10. The only way I suppose is a bit better way to do this is in the Emirates A380 bathroom for first class (shower room) by bringing my own bowl, utensils, and bottled water to be used for the cooking, no use of the sink or water dispensed in the bathroom!

    With this plan though the risk can be being greeted by friendly police on disembarking in DXB 🙂

  11. The sink that people wash thier hands after relieving themselves in one of (or both ) ways.. people also brush thier teeth and spit into that sink! The diaper changing table?? Ever heard of ecoli??? I just-cant-even‍♀️

  12. And they vote . . . we’re screwed!
    BTW, is that a Walmart brand? If it is, a new chapter to Walmartians.

  13. This water comes from the same tank they use to make the onboard coffee. Those tanks, quite often, are filled by glorified garden hoses that regularly get drug across the ramp which is stained by any number of wonderful liquids. Oh yeah they also find E. coli in those water tanks fairly often as well. Bon appetite Timmy boy!

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