Man Uses Magazine Cover as ID for Airport Security

Rapper G-Eazy reports that he got through security using a magazine he was on the cover of — since he didn’t have his ID. His girlfriend, the singer Halsey, tweeted this out as they flew from Miami to Los Angeles.

Here’s the magazine:

Boom! Success:

According to the TSA that wasn’t the only ID used.

While the individual did not have a government issued photo ID, he had other forms of identification with him that were used for positive verification of his identity. A magazine was not used to confirm identity in this case… As with all travelers, the passenger was still run through TSA’s Secure Flight Program and the passenger and his belongings were subjected to a thorough screening at the checkpoint.

That sounds like they’re denying he used the magazine as identification, but they’re really saying ‘positive verification’ of identity was provided by other means. When you don’t have government-issued ID you’re asked to confirm several pieces of information in order to clear the checkpoint. No doubt that was part of the procedure, and no doubt as well the rapper showed the magazine cover he was on.

I wonder though if the Department of Homeland Security can look him up by ‘G-Eazy’ or if they need his full, given name.

Regardless I hope this is true becasue G-Eazy must be the best-behaved rapper at LAX considering Rich the Kid threatening to ‘off’ a flight attendant’s head and Joey Bad Ass getting into it with a flight attendant over overhead bin space in January. Wiz Khalifa was arrested at LAX riding his hoverboard through customers there. And Coolio tried to take a stolen gun through an LAX security checkpoint. Because, Los Angeles.

(HT: Michael W Travels)

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  1. Let’s talk about the fact that he was able to get through without having valid ID but if a black rapper were to try that…

    White privilege really makes things “Eazy”

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