Managing Your Rewards Credit Cards is a Good Evolutionary Mating Strategy

A good credit score is the most attractive factor in choosing a mate.

That placed it ahead of sense of humor (67 percent), attractiveness (51 percent), ambition (50 percent), courage (42 percent), and modesty (39 percent). A good credit score was associated with being responsible, trustworthy, and smart.

Since good credit correlates with financial – and other – kinds of responsibility, it turns out that FICO scores are a “Darwinian mechanism for measuring your reproductive ability.” By the way here’s what credit score it takes to get approved for the best rewards cards.

Women value financial responsibility more than men do. But guys who flaunt their credit scores are awkward. It’s much better to bring it up in context, in the form of a humblebrag. Maybe it’s better to just throw down your rewards plastic as an excuse to talk about the 20 things you should know about signing up for credit cards.

(HT: Alan H.)

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  1. Lol! I’m sure women wouldn’t mind anyone showing off their black or platinum-metal premium credit card.

  2. Still single 20 years ago I bought a house. I don’t think that, or my regular employment, had much to do with who I dated and who ended up marrying me. At least back then it had little importance to the 20-somethings. I’m sure 30-somethings were more concerned about it. And I have no idea in today’s world…

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