Manhattan Custom Tailor, Phuket

In my post about staying at the Westin Siray Bay in Phuket, I mentioned visiting a tailor that I was quite happy with.

I used a car to take me to Manhattan Tailors in town, my wife and I bought a good bit of clothing and I was thoroughly pleased with the service and quality. Their pricing is higher than what I’ve paid elsewhere in Thailand, even after bargaining (I probably could have pushed harder). But everything was well-done.

Initially I ordered two suits, with extra paints each, and a jacket along with four shirts. And my wife ordered a suit and a jacket. We returned to the tailor shop for our second fitting, and they came to our hotel for third and fourth fittings.

I was happy enough with the quality I was seeing when they came to the hotel that I ordered more, including matching pants to go with the jacket they had made for me.

Now, this isn’t a $99 suit place, or if it is that’s not what I got. I was definitely paying as much here for custom tailored as I’d be paying say off the rack at Macy’s (though without extra alterations charges or tax perhaps). For a better quality, better-fitting suit. I was pleased, even if I wasn’t getting dirt-cheap pricing.

I’ve gotten a couple of notes asking for contact information for the tailor shop, so I thought I’d post it (plus that protects me in case I lose their card!).

Manhattan Custom Tailor
74/173 Poonphol Night Plaza
Poonphol Road, Amphur Muang
Phuket, Thailand
Tel. 355-741, 355-742
Fax. (6676) 355-743

A month in, I’m very happy with the quality, look, and feel of everything I bought.

A couple of weekends ago I realized I should have had greater foresight in my ordering, since I needed a new tuxedo. I admit, I don’t quite fit into my old tux, I’ve had it many years and I do need to wear one a few times a year. I already know one event later in the month, plus another in October which isn’t optional and which won’t allow me to get away with a dark suit. I mean, I can squeeze into it and I suppose I should lose the weight to make it not a squeeze but I don’t figure I can make that happen quickly enough. For what it’s worth, I bought the old tux back in 1998!

So I emailed, they made me a tuxedo and tuxedo shirt and it arrived last night. The fit is perfect, I’m very pleased. I really love not even having to go shopping, I sent a photo of my old tux and gave them the specifics of what I was looking for, what I wanted different, and that’s what they sent me exactly. Huge time saver, least hassle way possible to get clothing.

Again, though, they aren’t the cheapest. And I don’t like that they quote me a pretty high price and it took a couple of emails back and forth to agree on an amount that I was happy with. I’d rather straightforward pricing but I’d have paid more than even their initial quote for off the rack and altered here at home. Instead I got it for less, more conveniently, custom made.

Now I just need to make sure I don’t gain or lose weight, so the measurements they’ve got on file remain perfect for me and I can just email them everything I need in the future.

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  1. too many first class courses on board and breakasts at Andaz
    join the club :)Order me a new suit too I’ll pay you back!

  2. @ don h…Funny!

    @ Gary – If you don’t mind sharing, what price are we talking about here for a suit? I’m visiting in a few months & was researching tailors.

  3. @C&C depends on the materials etc but ~ $325 and then less for subsequent suits once they have your measurements.

  4. Harry
    I hope some 1 lucky because i make a suit in manhattan phuket on july 2012. Driver took me there and i made suit for very high price.. i paid 400 US$ For suit and tie.But In outside for good quality suit… the best 1 not more then 200 US$. Manhattan quality is worst trouser finishing
    is shit…they are not that good as driver says… Driver
    recommended us because they get commission up to 30% out
    of your deal. Thatswhy they charge more but quality is same to other…
    Suggestion ….. Don’t Buy In Manhattan Custom Tailor Phuket

  5. I am based in Australia and visited Phuket in 2010 with my now wife. We went via our resort and took a tour into downtown Phuket (self shopping tour) and were dropped off in the middle of nowhere (deliberately, of course). A driver approached us and not knowing where we were, we hired him as a private driver for the day and he immediately took us to Manhattan (obviously for the commission). I was extremely suspicious but at the end, it was fate because I ended up ordering 3 suits and 4 business shirts (we went back 2 days later for another fitting and they delivered to our resort the afternoon we flew home).

    Yes, they were pricy, but very high quality work and the fabric was great (obviously I paid more for the higher quality fabric). Roll the clock forward 12 months and I ordered another suit and 5 business shirts – it was great as they had my measurements and all I had to do was email and then call through my CC numbers.

    Another 12 months and I have just ordered another 10 shirts off them and another 2 pairs of matching pants to my previous suit. Just have to make sure I don’t put on or lose too much weight each year!

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