Many Of You Think Tipping Is Needed At Airport Self-Checkout – And For Landlords [Roundup]

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  1. People who expect tipping are like pest. The people tipping unnecessarily are ruining the society and people mentality. Bad habit and destructive in long run

  2. This tipping culture in our country has gone overboard. It’s driven me to be an anti-tipper. Only tip in obvious situation now.

  3. What’s so disturbing about the guy canceling some stranger’s ticket is the number of commenters/tweeters who think it’s great.

    The world is full of evil people.

  4. Perhaps will soon see ATMs start to prompt for asking the user whether to retain a portion of the cash being withdrawn as a “tip” or otherwise for some charitable cause with a “90% service” fee being retained from the donation!

  5. At Sam’s I was pitched a store card with a nearly worthless SUB. I told her, “Did you know you can get cards with bonuses that will get you a free trip to Europe?” Her reply was, “Enjoy your trip to Europe.” Couldn’t tell if she was being skeptical and sarcastic or if she knew she was peddling a garbage product and was genuinely congratulating me for knowing better than to bite.

  6. When it comes to tipping, I am glad we retired to Malta. And we travel extensively in western Europe.
    We are not bombarded by every kind of business imaginable regarding tips. For the most part, Europeans are paid a living wage, get benefits and health care.

    If living in the States means you are brow beaten to subsidize employees wages and benefits, best you finally recognize that you pay for your service. You are not a partner in the business. You don’t have to pay his employees wages and benefits. Let them raise prices to cover the employee. If you no longer choose to go to a restaurant that raises its prices to cover employee wages, why should you feel obligated to pay his employees?

  7. I don’t tip at restaurants unless I have a sit down dinner and than I tip generously for good service
    I tip at hotels for extraordinary service from either housekeeping or waitstaff

    companies like Uber that charge 10-13 in delivery “fees” and expect you to tip their drivers are insane. Hope they change their model or go under. I’m not subsidizing their pocketing tips and fees

    The thing about tipping is it should be for exceptional service

  8. We were at Shake Shake where there is walk up ordering like McDonald’s and was asked to enter a tip

  9. The tipping thing has gotten crazy. There needs to be a culture change such that workers don’t need and aren’t expected to live off tip income being most of their income.

    And cheapskate employers who want to dump the labor cost burden more directly on customers are not doing anyone a favor but themselves. What such employers are doing is spreading the “tipping is expected” disease and making it worse by encouraging “competitors” to do the same as them with their cheapskate ways.

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