Marriott Brown Palace Denver Just $41 All-in Per Night Including Breakfast and Upgraded Rooms!

Extreme Hotel Deals finds this rate, $41 per night, at the Marriott Brown Palace Denver on Fridays and Saturdays between May 8 and October 31.

Indeed, $41 is all-in with taxes and there are multiple room types available with breakfast even thrown in.

This is a well-regarded property, though I haven’t stayed there. It’s among the better ranked for the area on TripAdvisor, and part of Marriott’s “Autograph Collected”-branded properties.

I would wait several days after booking before making non-refundable travel arrangements around this rate to ensure that Marriott plans to honor the bookings.

Most of the deals I find at Extreme Hotel Deals aren’t especially useful to me, single night offerings where it’s unlikely I’ll be in a city when they’re available. Nonetheless I find their email list interesting at a minimum.

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  1. Kind of unusual when one often find the room rate doubles for those nights. Now if you are coming to Denver by automobile, be careful on what you plan to bring back home.

  2. nice find, but parking is $15 an hour or $40 per day….I won’t stay someplace that charges more than the room for parking…..just cheesy to charge that much to park

  3. Thanks, I booked one — but then I think they pulled it!

    We’ll see what happens.

    As far as Kevin’s comment goes, did you put 4 in the room. Oddly, if you listed your kids, they bump the rate up, but say you might not have to pay it.

  4. Doesn’t work. After you fill in all your personal info it says the room is no longer available on I tried 3 sets of dates in May, all with the same result.

  5. Selfishly, I think my odds of getting my cheapo room increased with the quick pulling of the deal. I wonder how many reservations were actually made.

  6. I got 3 nights. I tried to modify to get a 4th night because it was showing available at that rate too but then they shut it down so I kept the 3 nights. Perfecto!!

  7. I think the Brown is overrated just a Coloradan view. Stayed there once was sorely disappointed by the service and staff.

  8. On 2/2, got this email from

    Thank you for choosing

    We tried to contact you by telephone to discuss an error in the rates for your booking with The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa, Autograph Collection, but were unable to reach you due to the current time.

    We apologise on behalf of and The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa, Autograph Collection for this error. The actual rate for The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa, Autograph Collection is 309 USD per night, and not 35 USD per night as mentioned on your reservation.

    We ask for your understanding in reaching a middle ground. The accommodation has confirmed that they would like to offer you 209 USD per night.

    Please consider this offer, and contact us at your earliest convenience to confirm if you can accept it. We thank you for your understanding and we are available 24 hours a day to help reach an agreeable solution.

    Thank you again for choosing

  9. I booked directly through the Marriott website and have not received any emails. Is that good or bad? I wouldn’t want to have any surprises upon arrival!

  10. On 2/18 I got an email from Diane Krob(corporate liason for Mr. Marriot’s office) regarding my reservation made on for the Browne Palace. Called back and no answer. Waiting on follow up.

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