Marriott Devalues Bonvoy While Nobody Is Looking [Roundup]

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  1. Agreed, when even TPG calls out Marriott… Glad I spent my last 380k on a 5-night redemption at the St. Regis Florence in late July. Given the insane pricing (over 1200 EUR for the base room!), and that no idea what 380k would get me in the near future, might as well burn all Bonvoy points. And no sign in the near future that the earn rate will increase either, so Hyatt has my full, undivided loyalty (it did before, but now it’s official with less than 40k Bonvoy points left jaja)

  2. I have been watching a couple markets (DC and STL) and noticed that rates went up ~2k points a night for a bunch of normal hotels. Not surprised by what TPG reported

  3. Since TPG won’t allow comments thought I’d add one about their math which doesn’t make any sense. I agree a drop from an average .84 cent a point to .77 (their values) is an 8.3% reduction so the overall summary is correct. However, most of their changes for individual properties don’t make any sense. For example, they show the Westin Tokyo going from .47 cent to 1.17 cent and claim it is a 35% positive change. The difference from .47 to 1.17 is actually a 148% increase. Similarly a decrease from .78 to .53 (Element Bali) which they list as a 12% reduction is actual a 32% reduction (.68 x .78 = .53). Apparently they failed math and have no proof readers.

    In any event I personally have valued Marriott points at .7 cent each. If I can that or more I use points and otherwise pay cash. Also try my best to book 5 night award stays since you get 1 night free which greatly helps in getting reasonable value.

  4. Dear Valued Bonvoy Guests,

    Recently it has come to our attention a select few of you don’t care for our
    devaluation on AMEX credit card earning rates,vastly increased room rates,difficulty redeeming suite night rewards,failures to offer late check outs,near non existent elite breakfasts and massive increases in redemption amounts (devaluation of Bonvoy points).

    We are sincerely tired of your whining and consistent noise around the edges
    We here at Marriott are here to make massive profits despite you thinking
    we should owe you some kind of value for your loyalty.
    If you don’t like us our suggestion is that you overly entitled Ambassadors and other mere elites can certainly go to Wyndham or some other inferior brand
    Our CEO and team need massive golden parachutes so wouldn’t you do the same?
    We know you aren’t going anywhere else so just roll over and take it!

    Your Bonvoy Partner in travel excellence & greed

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