Marriott Plans to Start Expiring Points

As if it’s not enough that Marriott Rewards points will be worth less, Marriott has announced that points will expire after two years of account inactivity.

    These people seem so happy that their points can now expire!

It’s been in the terms and conditions that Marriott points expire for years, as far back as I remember, but they’ve never actually done it.

Now the terms say, “The Rewards Program will start enforcing this policy on February 1, 2016.” Those with lifetime elite status are exempt from this change.

Here are the details:

In fairness, Starwood, Hyatt, and Hilton points will expire after a period of inactivity. IHG Rewards Club points do not.

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  1. That picture is amazing. Two people without helmets on a motorcycle about to race down a hill on a narrow path. Pretty much describes the situation of Marriott loyalists.

  2. More yawn…

    Expiring loyalty points are more the rule than exception. Marriott should, therefore, be commended for giving their members a free ride on this general rule for as long as they did. In fact, I took it for granted that Marriott Rewards points do have “use by date” like almost all such points. Importantly, however, is that anyone who would let redeemable points just sit there for 2 years probably deserves to lose them… 😉

  3. No yawn… Times are changing. Less benefits and higher redemption levels for elites. These fat cats are flush with money now with high demand for their hotel rooms however it will turn on them. We will remember which program treated us right and stay loyal to them in the next down cycle of the economy. Hyatt seems to be the best at treating their elites well.

  4. Do redemptions count as activity, giving you another 24 months on true clock?

    If I have two marrio5 accoun5/, can I merge Them or will they get all iHg. At me (no points earned on promotions in my case)

  5. When it says “Earning points through social media programs, such as # MR points”

    What in the world does this mean?

  6. Why didn’t they go all the way and make it retroactive? As in: If you didn’t have any activity in the last 2 years your points are already gone!

    Sorry, I shouldn’t give them ideas…

  7. As long as I continue to spend at least one paid night at a Marriott property each year, it sounds like my points remain active.

  8. I think the “We’ll remember who treated us right and who didn’t” threat is a little empty.

    If Marriott (or any other chain) sees a dip in demand and cranks up the heat on their rewards program I find it hard to believe we wouldn’t all go running back (especially since Marriott is so far still low on the list of “offenders” in my opinion with regards to their Rewards practices).

  9. Marriots Account: 0 points.

    No worry here! I do like the fact they are the first to give a middle finger to social media. Hope more follow that route.

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