Marriott Still Isn’t Getting Its Program Merger Right and Airlines That Will Lose Your Luggage

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  1. More likely it carried a bunch of entitled, who think it is beneath them to pick up after themselves and were not taught otherwise.

  2. Regarding the WSJ article on Marriott, I agree that they have a lot to fix. I’ve phoned since August, emailed and twittered, but no one can tell me why my status is showing as Platinum instead of Lifetime Platinum. I have been LT Plat for years with SPG and was told I’d have the same status with Marriott. But no one can figure out why they see LT Plat on their computer, but my new and hard to get used to Marriott page refuses to show LT Plat. I have been told to have patience. It’s almost 2019- nothing has changed. Can I trust them?

  3. Also regarding the WSJ article- there wasn’t much new info there. I would like to know a timeline for fixing IT issues that have persisted for months. Many people like me have not been able to view any activity for months and nobody at Marriott can offer any reassurance or hope that this “known issue” will be corrected. That is unacceptable.

  4. Marriott Merger to become Starriott a failure ?
    Nonsense just a slight bunch of member noise around the edges
    We are proudly awaiting the triumphant world class launch of Bonvoy our fabulous loyalty program
    known for its award winning customer service if you can find them or hold on the phone long enough
    Fake CEO

  5. Interesting that Delta is one of the two carriers least likely to lose one’s luggage. AA and UA need to ask themselves “WWDD?”

  6. Given that AA is so good at losing luggage, I’m surprised they haven’t tried to monetize this extra benefit, similar to how hotels have started charging “resort fees.” Don’t be surprised if you see a “Lost Luggage Fee” as part of your ticket price in the future. I’m sure AA (and UA is sure to follow) will try to levy this charge on all passengers, even those who don’t check any luggage. But be sure to stand up for your rights and demand that the airlines waive (or refund) any “Lost Luggage Fees” if you only have carry-on bags.

  7. @Robert do not be quick to blame the youth. I have been on planes where families do this more so then youth. It is the lazy a$$ parents who first create the mess second do not clean it up. And then teach their bratty kids not to clean up

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